We are entering the Music Business!

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Lance James

There is a biography of country music legend, Lance James on its way. It is called “Dankie”. Publishing World SA will be releasing a brand new CD with country favourites, such as Dankie, Vicky, and a few other well known songs with the book. The book and CD will be available as a package in some stores, and the CD will also be available in the music market.


Click this link for an interview with Lance James on Radio KC. http://www.eastwoodcoms.co.za/boekraklance.mp3



Jody Wayne & Chris F Smith

Who does not remember songs such as Patches or The Wedding? Jody Wayne wrote many songs and poems over the years and these will be combined in an Afrikaans/English poetry book – Patches/Sielsdrome. The package will include a brand new recording released by Publishing World SA of Patches and brand new material from Jody Wayne. Some of the poems of Chris F Smith was also put to music by Jody and these were included in the recording!

Click this link for an interview with Jody Wayne on Radio KC. http://www.eastwoodcoms.co.za/jody.mp3