1. Alastair Constance – Founder and CEO, Mercury FX and Ethical
2. Andrea Valenzuela – COO, Bridge Capital Thrift and Loan, LLC
3. Andrew Rissik – Sable Group Managing Director, Forex Division
4. Barry Peterson – CEO, Peterson Project Management Trust
5. Bill Henderson – International Property Investor and Developer
6. Bill Picken – Founder of Imara Asset Management
7. Bill Rawson – Chairman, Rawson Property Group
8. Billy Selekane CSP, SaHof, AYE, AMM – International Speaker
and Entrepreneur
9. Chuck Bretz – Attorney at Law, USA
10. Clem Sunter – Top 3 most respected businessmen in South Africa and
Top 5 Global leaders in scenario planning
11. Denise Mhlanga – Journalist and Property Professional, Property24
12. Dr Dolf de Roos, Author of the New York Times bestseller, Real
Estate Riches and International Property Investor
13. Earl Gabriel – Gabriel Projects & Just Property Group
14. Elwyn Schenk – Pam Golding Properties, Umhlanga
15. Erwin Rode – Rode & Associates, South Africa’s Leading Property
Expert and Researcher
16. Gary Sacks – UK Investor and Developer
17. Gordon Mackay – Investor, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur
18. Hennie Bezuidenhout – Director & CEO, Benchmark Group
19. Hulet T. Gregory – President, Memphis CashFlow, GP
20. Ian Scott – Senior Managing Partner, Grant Thornton
21. Jannie Kirsten – International Investor
SCOTT PICKEN XII 22. James Paynter – Head Market Analyst, Dynamic Outcomes (Rand
Forecasting Expert)
23. Jason Gilbert – Business Coach & Top 3 USA commercial advisors in
24. Jose Delgado – Director, Delgado Velosa Kenworthy & Associates
25. JT Foxx – Business Coach, World’s Leading Wealth and Property
26. Justin Clarke – CEO and Founder, Private Property
27. Kent Gush – Managing Director, Kent Gush Properties
28. Mark Sowerby – Founder, Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd,
29. Mark Taylor – Elan Property Group
30. Mike Greeff – Greeff Properties, Exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s
International Real Estate
31. Mike Vietri – CEO, Faircape Group Cape Town
32. Neale Petersen – CEO & Publisher, Real Estate Investor Magazine
33. Pieter Feenstra, Property Developer – Chairman Feenstra Group
34. Peter Jäck – Chairman, Indawo Group
35. Peter Jacobsen – Principal Status Properties, Brisbane, Australia
36. Richard Dunn – National Acquisitions Manager, Brisbane, Australia
37. Richard J Nefdt – Chief Executive, Reality Check (Pty) Ltd
38. Richard Tunmer – International Investor
39. Roger Hamilton – Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author
40. Wouter van Wyk – Joint Managing Director, Just Invest
“Scott is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met in the
international property sector. I have invested with him in the past and
would gladly do so again in the future. Condensing all of his knowledge
into one book must have been a serious task but for the international
property investor, that makes Property Going Global a must read.”
Alastair Constance
Founder and CEO
Mercury FX and Ethical Currency , London, UK
“The secret to success in real estate investment, regardless of whether it is
within your own country or across the globe, is having the right members
on your team. What impressed me most about Scott Picken is not just
his extensive knowledge about global real estate investment, but more
importantly his ability to build a team of the best in the business. With
Scott Picken and the staff at IPS, an investor can benefit from years of
experience and a dedication to training and sharing that knowledge with
a group of sophisticated investors.”
Andrea Valenzuela
Bridge Capital Thrift and Loan, LLC , USA
“For many years I have done business with Scott Picken, or should I say
Scott’s clients. Along the journey with him, I have got to know a very
direct and passionate man who does not mince his words. He challenges
everyone and rips them out of their comfort zones, something we all need
in our lives where indecision and procrastination are very prevalent and
often cost us dearly.
The advice he gives is resonant with many of us however we often
fail to act. His approach is act or pay! He thoroughly researches all the
markets he deals in and will back all his statements up with information
that is hard to fault. Even if you never invest offshore, reading his book
will be valuable!”
Andrew Rissik
Sable Group Managing Director
Forex Division, London and South Africa
“Scott’s property principles, perception of trends, and thorough relevant
research have made him the leader in this industry segment. His investors
continue to reap the rewards, staying ahead of the curve in both knowledge
and bottom-line returns. Congratulations, Scott.”
Barry Peterson
Peterson Project Management Trust, South Africa
“As a Scotsman who came to South Africa in 1988 and then immigrated
to Australia in 1999, I have a large amount of experience in property
development, international property, and commercial office-park
development. I was introduced to Scott and flew out to South Africa
to meet with his clients. I really enjoyed his thorough knowledge of
the market and how to take advantage of it. I look forward to working
with Scott to help more South Africans take advantage of the Australian
commercial market. Read this book to understand how.”
Bill Henderson
International Property Investor and developer, Australia
“Scott Picken is an expert in his chosen field of mainly overseas property
investment. Many challenges, including wildly fluctuating value, litter the
different markets be it South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom or
USA. In all countries, with their different legal systems, ownership rules
and financial regulations, Scott has mastered the industry of property.
He has done it the one and only way and that is by sheer hard work and
determination. The famous Italian industrialist Giovanni Agnelli once
said ‘Miracles can be made, but only by sweating.’
This applies to Scott in his quest to bring to his readers a book of
tremendous value in this modern day of rapidly changing asset markets
across the world.”
Bill Picken
Founder of Imara Asset Management, Australia
“Scott’s many years of focusing on residential property investor’s needs
and his exposure to the foreign off-shore markets in the past few years
since the financial collapse makes him well-suited to share his and his
investor’s knowledge and experience in the residential property market
around the world.

Exchange-rate fluctuations, interest-rate differences from country
to country, make Scott’s achievements incredible in that he has been
the channel and mentor for many to relocate their wealth-generating
opportunities across several markets and continents.”
“Well done, Scott.”
Bill Rawson
Rawson Property Group, South Africa
“I have read your book twice and I believe it’s going to be read over
and over again. This book shared amazing insights into wealth creation
and a clear understanding in how you can build generational wealth by
spreading your wings internationally in the property space. Not only
is this well researched but also well thought through and not from a
theoretical but practical experience. It is refreshing to read and learn from
a Road Warrior and not someone with a theory of “maybe” this is how to
do it.
I am truly challenged, because I was only looking at South African
opportunities while the world awaits us with our boldness and genius in
creating generational wealth. I am truly humbled that I had a chance to
read this book and learn from it, I can tell you without a doubt that I am
really re-engineering my way to getting into this game on a global scale.
If you read this book, apply the methodologies and strategies, and
never ever create wealth … well then something major is wrong with you.
This is a book which will inspire generations, as trends go … I always
believe that the fundamentals do not change drastically and I believe my
son’s son can still learn from this wealth of knowledge to also create an
empire that will outlive him.
You are a genius and to be amoungst those who will drink from your
well of wisdom is indeed an honour and a privilege … I am thankful that
you are in this generation and within an exceptionally small group of
people globally I call Friends and Wise Counsels … the greatest honour
in Africa would be to say to you … BAYEDE! reserved only for Royalty
and you are now indeed among those in this industry who are Royalty.”
Billy Selekane
International Speaker and Entrepreneur, South Africa
“Scott Picken and his team have been making money investing in foreign
real estate for years. This book provides a step-by-step analysis of why it
is prudent to consider such an investment and, how you can achieve the
best results. If you have been frustrated with your lack of knowledge as
to the global real-estate market and the opportunities that are currently
present, this book is a must read for you.”
Chuck Bretz
Attorney-at-Law, USA
“The book explores a model linking the global economic and South
African political scenarios to the implications for the property market
and considers how the probabilities attached to the scenarios could affect
investment decisions on property. This is a very interesting development
as I have always said that playing scenarios by themselves is daydreaming.
Converting them into sensible and relevant options for action is
where their true value lies.”
Clem Sunter
One of the top three, most respected businessmen in South Africa and
among the top five global leaders in scenario planning, South Africa
“I had the privilege of dealing with Scott Picken while working as a
financial property journalist in 2008 and 2009 for Moneyweb.
Picken’s knowledge of property investments, particularly investing
internationally, inspired me to write compelling stories, at the same time,
I acquired valuable knowledge that I shared with my readers.
At the time while Picken was investing and helping investors buy
property in London, I was lucky to meet and speak to some of the
investors who, through Picken’s guidance, had become successful in
buying performing portfolios in the UK.
In my time as a writer for a luxury lifestyle magazine, LIVEOUTLOUD,
Picken was always willing to share information and trends on global
property markets.
What makes his story and insights so interesting also is that he buys
in these markets too and so he knows what works and what doesn’t. Add
to that, he partners with reputable professionals who know international
markets, in which they operate, from property developers and property
managers to financiers.
Anyone wishing to invest in offshore property should read this book,
very insightful and a useful buyer’s guide.”
Denise Mhlanga
Journalist and Property Professional
Property24, South Africa
“After more than a decade of travelling to South Africa on business, it
becomes apparent who the serious players are. Scott Picken is undoubtedly
one of the most consistent and astute proponents of property investment,
and certainly its most enthusiastic voice in South Africa. In addition, he
has a global outlook, which is all too rare. His bringing to the property
world the data and insights of Clem Sunter, of whom I am a big fan, is
also very welcome.”
Dr Dolf de Roos
Author of the New York Times bestseller, Real Estate Riches and
International Property Investor, USA
“Because Scott Picken truly understands international property
investment, this book is an essential reference for any savvy property
Earl Gabriel
Gabriel Projects & Just Property Group, South Africa
“Whenever I have interaction with you I am literally blown away by your
positive energy; as Hosea Ballou said, “Energy … like the biblical grain of
mustard seed, will move mountains.”
In a few short years you have coupled this energy with a fast–acquired
knowledge of global-investment dynamics and in particular how to make
sound property investments work for you, a subject close to my heart.
Your book is destined to change many lives for the better and has the
capacity to enrich greatly those who grasp and apply its precepts.”
Elwyn Schenk, South Africa
Principal of Pam Golding Properties, Umhlanga Franchise
“With South Africa standing at a crossroads and houses still over-valued,
Scott Picken has some intriguing advice for the man in the street who just
loves the investment attributes of property: look beyond your country’s
SCOTT PICKEN XVIII borders. This is so because the Great Recession has opened up fabulous
value propositions where previously none existed.”
Erwin Rode
Rode & Associates
South Africa’s Leading Property Expert and Researcher, South Africa
“Scott has been an invaluable source of help, making the entire process
of selling property in to the South African market a simple and mutually
beneficial experience. His depth of knowledge surrounding both the
international and UK property markets, coupled with his commitment
to detail, make him an ideal strategic business partner.”
Gary Sacks
UK Investor and Developer
“Brilliant, factual, informative, inspirational, and one of the only books
of it is kind I have come across to help anyone become a successful
international property investor. Scott has written this book from the
heart and his caring attitude comes through. This book will help anyone
from the very inexperienced investor to the master investor. This book is
priceless. Thank you, Scott.”
Gordon Mackay
Investor, Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur, South Africa
“Globalisation requires a reality and becoming a global investor is not
only a huge mind shift, but also poses a real challenge. The opportunities
are mind-boggling, diverse and sometimes confusing. How do I select the
right opportunity to fit my investment criteria and how do I decide which
country, which city or suburb would provide the sustainable solution that
I am looking for?
Further complicating factors arise from the interdependence of
countries. The GFC has shown us how volatile the world can be and how
circumstances in one country can have an economic effect far beyond the
borders of that particular country.
I have taken a conscious decision, like many other South Africans ten
years ago, to start to diversify my property investment. After many years
and many overseas visits, it is still difficult and sometimes confusing in an
ever changing world.
In my quest to develop my own international investment strategy,
I met Scott about six years ago, a man who devoted almost his whole
life to help thousands to invest successfully in international properties.
His commitment to this course, his honesty and dedication were an
His insight and thorough understanding of the different markets and
factors that influence the capital appreciation and yield of the investment
properties is based on his experience and formal education in construction
and IT.
Scott is a loyal South African, who loves and enjoys Africa, but
also understand the very important economic fundamentals of risk
diversification, capital preservation and global wealth. Over a period of
more than fifteen years he has listened and guided many people to take
very important and life changing decisions.
Scott was deeply conscious about the growing need, but also the
responsibility to give guidance on long-term investment strategies in a
fast and ever changing world. He realized that the only way to continue
was to follow a structured approach through this sometimes confusing
and complicated process to compare and evaluate different investment
options in different countries. A balanced approach was needed where
all the information and influencing factors are taken into account, but
you also get to an objective, measurable, comparable and understandable
solution, through which one can derive an answer and decisions.
Scott, we salute you for the guidance through this book. Your
understanding of the critical success factors of international property
investment and how it can be affected by different political and economic
scenarios is valuable to all. We are also grateful for that we can share in the
wisdom that Clem Sunter brings to the table and that jointly we have a
comprehensive guide that is very valuable to every investor that is serious
and needs clear-cut answers to a challenge that only a few get right.
Scott we know you as a modest man, who is always prepared to
listen, to learn and to grow in wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for the
valuable contribution, that’s definitely going to change the way we are
comparing global investment opportunities in the future.”
Hennie Bezuidenhout
Director & CEO
Benchmark Group, South Africa
Hennie Bezuidenhoudt is our business partner in Wealth Migrate, has
listed two companies, one in South Africa and one in Australia. In
Australia we started 4 ½ years ago with $4 million and turned it into $40
million through residential and commercial development and then listed
the company and now it is worth $200 million.
Scott Picken has done the research. He has spent the time, money
and travel to validate his theories in real estate. His hands-on evaluation
of markets all over the world and his keen understanding of the macroeconomic
picture has elevated him to one of the leading experts on global
real estate investing for the individual investor.”
Hulet T. Gregory
Memphis CashFlow, GP, USA
“I have known Scott for around eight years and have known him to be
very astute in identifying undervalued properties in the United Kingdom,
Australia, and more lately, the United States. With appropriate financial
advice and structuring, many of these have turned into successful business
Ian Scott
Senior Managing Partner
Grant Thornton, South Africa
“Scott has an impressive track record in assisting clients to invest in
property offshore. This is not by chance, but is the result of his firsthand
experience over many years, scientific analysis, and thorough onthe-
ground research.
With the Rand being a fundamental factor when investing offshore,
Scott has worked closely with us over the years in order to further
help clients to make educated, informed, and better decisions. I have
increasingly been impressed with his knowledge, strategic approach, and
commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.
The integration of Clem’s scenario-planning technology into his
global-property analysis model now provides you with the ultimate tool
to make the best decision available, based on your criteria and the relevant
facts and fundamentals.
Scott knows what he’s about. And this book gives you all you need to
also succeed in property offshore.”
James Paynter
Head Market Analyst
Dynamic Outcomes (Rand Forecasting Expert), South Africa

I hope you remember who I am. I have been watching what you do from
the side line, and am very impressed with what I see.
I have bought two properties in Atlanta just before we went on tour
last year through your competitors. I mentioned that while on tour.
It is going OK with the investment, but I am not part of a vibrant
forward looking group as you guys have built up at IPS. I have been
watching how you are helping your client base with quite a bit of envy. I
can go on and on about this, but basically I want to make an appointment
with you when you get back from America.
If you will have me, I would like to come over to IPS with what I
have, build up a credit record and buy some more properties with your
help and advice.
I hear you live in Knysna. I live in Plett and would love to drive over
to discuss things when you are back, if possible.
Have a great trip. Don’t stay out too late! We are still laughing at
ourselves when we think how we even went to a Club.”
Jannie Kirsten
International Investor, South Africa
“As one of top commercial property trainers in the USA, I read countless
‘How to…’ books, but Scott Picken has teamed up with the legendary
Clem Sunter, and this book gives you so much more than just the how
– Scott gives you precisely the where, when and why . . . As in ‘WHY
invest in particular countries, and WHY you must do so NOW.’ And if
anybody knows how to help investors locate exceptional opportunities
and minimize risk, it’s Scott, having helped over 2000 investors acquire
close to R2 Billion in assets for close to 15 years. You ignore him at your
own peril.”
Jason Gilbert
Business Coach and among the top three commercial advisors in the USA
“Buying real estate in a foreign country is a daunting process, but if I
were to invest in property internationally, Scott would be the one person I
would rely on for a real and unbiased view. Don’t touch offshore property
unless you have trusted partners, and I would follow advice from Scott as
to where, how, and who to trust.
I have known and dealt with Scott over the last 10 years and I admire
his passion and integrity. He has done more research on the international
real estate markets than any other party in South Africa and would not
advise anyone to put money into a product he did not believe in, and that
he had done due diligence on. I look forward to reading the book.”
Justin Clarke
CEO and Founder
Private Property, South Africa
“As the world’s leading wealth and property coach and having
travelled the world, investing globally, I as JT Foxx believe Scott Picken is
one of the leaders globally on property investment.
Most people in life try and complicate things, but with a system like
the GPSTM (Global Property SystemTM) you can ensure that you are using
the raw facts and not emotion which will help you make educated and
informed decisions.
I am passionate about helping people to become better and I gauge
myself on their results. This is why I use the best coaches in the world
with the likes of George Ross, Donald Trump’s right-hand man to assist
me understand property globally.
When I came to South Africa in March 2013, I was intrigued by
Scott’s global understanding and even called him the American South
And having been to South Africa many times and started a business
here, I now understand the importance of diversifying and investing
globally for South Africans. I believe it is critically important to have the
right information and the right partners and therefore I implore you to
read this book, Property Going Global.
As the World’s number one Property Coach I have always said this…
You are only as good as your team, people who try to invest themselves
without the right team or training are bound to catch a wave of failure as
experienced in the early 1990’s and 2006. History always repeats itself in
property and Scott Picken’s book is a great guide “on how to” but more
importantly how you can invest internationally worry free. Scott doesn’t
think outside the box in properties, he throws it out the window.”
JT Foxx
Business Coach – among the World’s Leading Wealth and Property Coach
“I have known Scott Picken for a long while now and he is ‘Mr Offshore
Property in South Africa’. He has been a pioneer and is a leader in helping
South Africans when it comes to offshore property. In this book Scott
covers the fundamentals of offshore property investment, the pro’s the
con’s, structures and very helpful processes and systems to guide and assist
aspiring or seasoned property investors in assessing different countries,
areas within countries, income versus capital gains and a new innovative
take on scenario planning when investing in property. Scott walks the
talk and that is why I highly recommend this book and his advice in the
offshore property space.
All in all a massive effort, I know how time consuming putting out
a few articles can be so well done on getting the book done!! All the best
see you soon.”
Jose Delgado
Delgado Velosa Kenworthy & Associates, South Africa
“I met Scott in 2007 when he was running his very successful International
Property Solutions business in London. I was immediately impressed
with his incredible energy, dignity and deep passion for the residential
property industry.
Scott’s enthusiasm, knowledge and integrity will ensure that this
book will benefit all who choose to enjoy it.”
Kent Gush
Managing Director
Kent Gush Properties, South Africa
“Scott’s integrity, enthusiasm, and passion for property has been his
trademark for the last 10 years or so that I have had the pleasure of
knowing him. We have crossed paths with Scott on many occasions on
our overseas trips, and he has always demonstrated a thorough knowledge
of the various overseas markets that he has been involved in. With this
comprehensive background knowledge of International property I believe
that he has set the foundation for a successful future.
We at the Elan Property Group salute his commitment and wish him
well in his venture into the USA.”
Mark Taylor
Elan Property Group, South Africa


“As the Founder of Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd, a listed
Australian Company, I was impressed by Scott’s international property
knowledge and how he was assisting high net worth South African clients
invest in Australian Property. Along with Hennie Bezuidenhout, Scott’s
business partner, we have worked together and had great success in the
Australian property market. Read this book if you would like a sound
analysis on how to invest internationally.”
Mark Sowerby
Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd, Australia
“Comprehensive, thorough and downright exciting, Scott Picken’s
new book is a must-read for anyone considering off-shore real estate
investment, and with the added clout of Clem Sunter’s take on global
scenarios, this body of work is nothing short of empowering!”
Mike Greeff
Greeff Properties, South Africa
an Exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate
“Congratulations, Scott, on producing a book which summarises
in layman’s terms the intricacies of investing in real estate in foreign
markets. You have managed to harvest your knowledge of the UK, US
and Australian markets and combine this with a unique intuitiveness to
guide the would-be investor in the right direction.
This book should first be read by every would-be investor before
taking the often expensive leap into foreign investment in real estate.”
Mike Vietri
Faircape Group, South Africa
“Scott is passionate about making a difference in the off-shore property
investment arena. Not only is he innovative, but he is also an energetic
leader, paving the way in new territory long before his competitors do. He
always seems to be one step ahead of the game. Scott makes it his business
to know his market better than anybody else so that he can deliver the
best possible inside property knowledge, information and education for
his clients.
Some years back, I convinced Scott to put down everything he knows
and the results in this book show that he has followed through. Scott has so
much knowledge, skills and experience in property investment to share
with investors locked up in his head. A book was an obvious extension to
the solid brand name that he has built for himself. If you want to invest in
off-shore real estate, particularly in the US, UK, and Australian markets,
then Scott will give you solid, sincere, honest, and practical advice that
has been well researched. The result is happy investors sitting with aboveaverage
returns. Enjoy the read as you learn from Scott’s unique approach
to investing.”
Neale Petersen
CEO & Publisher
Real Estate Investor Magazine, South Africa
“Countless times in bookstores we page through business publications
hoping to find one that stands out, one that promises solutions to our
dilemma-filled life. And we have read them all…well many of them.
Some come from well-known authors, some less well known, but most
singing from a hymn sheet, you are sure, they all received from the same
business school.
But, when an author has dug deep in his life to reach his goals, when
he has been on his knees, gritted his teeth and toiled on the ground, you
know that what he is about to say comes from the depths of personal
experience, and you take note.
This is Scott. His life is property, his job is property, but above all, it is
his passion. People with dirty hands and scuffed knees from hard labour,
coupled with qualifications and scars from personal experiences are the
ones I listen to. This is why, when it comes to property, I listen to Scott!”
Peter Jäck
Indawo Group, South Africa


“I am the principal of Status Properties in Brisbane. I have been working
with IPS Invest now for the past 4 years sourcing apartments from
Brisbane’s premier developers for IPS Invest clients.
I sincerely endorse Scott’s comments on the Australian market, and
in particular Brisbane as being very accurate. I must also recognize the
professionalism of IPS Invest’s Australian MD Kristen Miller, who has
been instrumental in the successful investment choices for IPS clients.”
Peter Jacobsen
Principal Status Properties
Brisbane, Australia
“As National Acquisitions Manager for a large and well-respected
Australian Property Company, I’ve dealt with all the so called ‘property
experts’ or ‘guru’s’ over the years both in Australia and overseas. In my
experience, these guys will promote and sell “ice to the Eskimos” without
recourse. But in the six years I’ve dealt with Scott Picken, I can promise
you this “he is the best of the best”. What separates him from the others
is his desire to find out the real story, the details and the drivers of the
property market of a country. He is the only one that will thoroughly
research, question, argue and back up his beliefs with all the facts and not
just take the ‘written word’ as gospel.
Scott does what the others won’t: travel as many times as it takes to see
things for himself before offering opportunities to his clients. I’ve had the
pleasure of escorting Scott, his staff and his many clients around Australia
over the years and I like to say that the proof of his knowledge and the
wealth he has created for people is written in his clients testimonials –
Scott I wish you all the best with your book…”
Richard Dunn
National Acquisitions Manager
Brisbane, Australia
“From the trenches of hard earned experience, Picken delivers an engaging
and refreshingly well informed Road Map to making effective Global
Property Investment decisions.”
Richard J Nefdt
Chief Executive
Reality Check (Pty) Ltd, Global
“I was involved in a small way when Scott formed IPS almost 10 years
ago. What started as a young man’s dream soon developed into a real
international property business. Sheer determination and an in-depth
knowledge of the product have driven Scott’s business opportunities into
the lives of so many investors. Perhaps Scott’s greatest attribute is his ability
to network and sustain valuable partnerships in at least 4 continents,
selecting the best in his chosen fields and passing them on unselfishly to
his massive client base. The completion of this global property book bears
testimony to the magnitude of his strength and understanding of this
complex subject on an international level.”
Richard Tumner
International Investor
“If you don’t want to be restricted to your local property market, you
MUST invest globally. Scott is the ONE person in global property I
recommend you listen to and learn from. He has had the experience
of helping investors to profit in multiple markets. In this fast changing
world, he knows what it takes to ensure your success.”
Roger Hamilton
Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author, Global
“Scott Picken is an industry leader and this book is packed with his
trusted expert advice, knowledge and guidelines. A must-read for anyone
with a foot in the investing industry and his book will definitely own a
prime-spot on our company’s bookshelf.”
Wouter van Wyk
Joint Managing Director
JustInvest, South Africa