Three Steps To Heaven


Author: Janine Haun


Read how Janine took “Three steps to heaven” to discover that God can turn a mess into a message, today and every day.
“Nightmarish beginnings; sexual abuse, an alcoholic father and a dysfunctional family. A journey of pain, despair and addictions which leads up to cirrhosis of the liver with only six months left to live ensues. One more crazy party leads vomiting litres of blood, seemingly enough to drown in, and Janine is taken up in the intensive care unit. There is no hope of survival left as she falls down into a deep, dark pit of terror. Entering this place, a terrible cave of fear, pain and terror, she comes to realise that death is not a release, but rather a descent to eternal hell. An everlasting prison with dark, slimy walls alive with black creatures, spiders and petrifying evil. One from which you can never escape; forever chained and trapped there.”
This is Janine Haun’s first book, a biography of her struggle to overcome the trauma and pain of being sexually abused at a very young age. After her painful journey, she finally finds a place of peace and resolution and realises that miracles do happen.
Janine is a licenced teacher and psychological counsellor. She has taught in both England and Germany, but is now building a career pursuing her first love; counselling the broken-hearted with the help of powerful scriptures like the ones which saved her life.


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