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The Devil’s Insignia


Author: Selwyn Jacobson


The collapse of humanity is no longer a question of if, but when…
The greatest challenge is no longer political but economic and social:
John Mallet is an Internal Affairs investigator for Imperial Bank. When an old colleague is found dead in his office, he receives a call from his director telling him that “he has shot his brains out”. As he begins to delve into the case, he becomes the prey of a psychotic contract killer called, the Grim Reaper.
With danger at every twist and turn, he and his wife are running for their lives as the count of dead bodies rack up.
Against the backdrop of a country scourged by corruption and on the verge of civil war; A Bank on the verge of bankruptcy; Global economic and social turmoil; A powerful sinister global criminal organization intent on exploiting humanity; An investigative reporter determined to uncover the truth; John Mallet’s life is plunged into an unimaginable nightmare, until given a lifeline from an unexpected source.


"The Devil's Insignia boasts a generous spread of violence, intrigue and sex, with a well thought-out plot and cast of characters..."   Cape Times 30 April 2015


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