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John Farrell thought he had it all. Money, status and the pomp that went with it. He neglected his entire family to achieve this ultimate goal. He wasn’t a man you could address, in any way. What was said and done, was only done by John Farrell. The well-known, prosperous executive and owner of the town’s steel firm and farming – on weekends. Seven years had passed. What was Anne, their daughter going to say when she hears the truth? And what happened to her Indian lover? Who was Paul Young, and Brian Walters? Could they possibly fill the void – and for how long? Eventually, Anne’s loss led her path towards the myth of the Tamarisk! To her, her entire life depended on it. Tales of old proclaiming it had magical powers. Did it? Throughout this intriguing love story of hurt, rejection and suffering – and even death – comes forth the release and recapture of long lost love – to all.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I was born and grew up in Benoni. I have a son and two daughters. I have received a godly send passion for writing and love to Correspond with friends to enhance their faith and trust in God – at all times. My husband and I have now retired and live in Limpopo district with or children on a game farm.