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The purpose of this publication is to lay down an accepted method of doing certain tasks in the Engineering Department.
The procedure acts as a guide to assist the worker in doing a particular job in a safe manner that is acceptable to the mine.
Standard Procedures does not substitute the supervision of the Foreman and the Engineers. It will assist workers involved to plan ahead and as result; do the job more safely and more effectively.

Why your company needs this…

This is already an accepted manual for major mining groups.
This manual is easy to understand and follow.
It could save the employer thousands of rands per employee in injury on duty claims and lost production hours. It may also save an employee the pain and loss of a serious injury.
By giving employees the opportunity to learn safe working methods it may serve as an extra cover against injury on duty law-suits.
A well trained workforce is safer and more efficient. This manual is a very small investment with a huge potential return on investment when efficiency and production is increased.

The Author
Paul Marais has over 30 years experience in mine engineering, and is considered one of South Africa’s top mine engineers.

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