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SPIRALLING deur Daleen Coetzee

These whispers, feelings, longings, hopes, love given to you in the following was/is a long process of growth. Becoming aware of the amazing creations that are on this planet with us is a precious journey. Nature, according to humans, has come into its own, with science confirming what man has long ago sensed. These are condensed thoughts, facts, of a personal view on nature, especially trees. The drawings are in pencil and are trees that called and asked to be drawn, because they had a message for man.
Magdalena Janson was born in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, and grew up among the mammoth trees and nature of the equator. Lives in Pretoria now, doing things that there was no time for earlier. She wrote this book under the soul name of Sunrada and thanks all and everyone whose books or papers she perused and apologizes sincerely if maybe she used their thoughts.

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