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Skrywer:  Theodoor George Kieser

Their land was invaded by foreigners from far-away places. With them they brought death and destruction. Their peace was disrupted and in their quest for gold and new land, they started to murder the inhabitants that used to roam free. After long battles and miserable slavery forced upon them, the inhabitants of the land, of which the Ongo tribe were part of, decided that enough was enough, they have to take a stand, or die. The leaders of the different tribes came together, and long meetings with the leaders of the foreigners ensued, but the outcome was not satisfactory, therefor the decision was made to leave their old hunting grounds.

Hawk and Sunshine, Patriarch and Matriarch of the Ongo tribe decided to move away with their tribe from their territorial land to seek a better living place, away from the strange people with their strange and cruel ways. After months of suffering on their long journey, and the loss of many beloved ones, who earmarked their road of suffering with the pyre’s of death, they found what they were looking for; peace and freedom.

Then the god of love looked down upon them and a baby girl was born-Snowbird. But although they found joy and peace in their new land, and joy with the birth of their one and only daughter, grief and sorrow were not far off, and the road to overcome that grief and sorrow was full of rocks, mud, and sometimes obstructions that seemed impossible to overcome. But with determination, and the will to survive, they took a stand against everything that spelled evil. And when their beloved granddaughter became the victim of a half-breed, all hell broke loose.

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