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THE ROOTS by Mohlouwa Harry Sease

The main intension of the book is to let an African child understand him or herself and let him or her be the one to define him or herself. Make the universe know who you really are and never let them define you but let them respect you for who you are. The universe responds to all of us on how we see and explain ourselves to the world. It is time to see ourselves through the eyes of an African and not a western person. We need not explain ourselves rather we have to be proud of our genes nor should I say our Roots. This book was brought about by a youth debate I happened to watch and listen to on television about Africanism hence I made a vow to let the world know Africanism from an African and not a Western Cultural Professor who believes he had done a research about Africans and he is the master of African culture and custom. If Africanism is not in your blood, you can never claim to be an expert in Africanism. Rather be an expert in whom you were born to be. You may have some knowledge but you are not and expert. It was my intension to initially write this book in an African language but realised that western people beliefs, custom and culture are dominating and poisoning the minds of young Africans including themselves about Africanism hence I decided to clear the mud and clarify certain things to them too. It is however my intension to translate this book to one or two African languages. We believe and get our lessons from nature hense we used to be called Naturalis in Afrikaans or Naturalists. Unfortunately due to some wise Afrikaners who said that means Nader die Hell ( close to hell) it was despised of and they were forced to change it. In fact that was the closest to explaining us.


I was born at a farm called Dankbaar in a district of a small town called Petrusburg. The eleventh child of thirteen born from one mother. The sixth son. The only one in the family with the birth mark on the forehead termed Lesiba in Sesotho ( stout haar in Afrikaans). I cannot explain the meaning of this in English. It is complicated. I attended primary school at Petrusburg, most of the high school at Makabelane Qwaqwa and I Matriculated at Moemedi High school in Bloemfonten. My first job was as a labourer at Dankbaar whilst helping with teaching at Doornkop Farm School and later I became an “unqualified” teacher at Leretlhabetse Secondary School in Koffiefontein. The aim was to acquire a free government bursary after two years and qualify as a teacher but I then decided to join the De Beers Diamond mines as labourer before two years could end and finally left the mines as an Occupational Hygienist. I tried business but struggled and later joined the Government to become a mine Inspector. My first book is called Common Sense and this is my second.