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Property Solutions (IPS) is and how we have the ability to find the
absolute best partners in each international property market.
IPS provides an all-inclusive private banking solution to off-shore
investors, essentially doing only two things: we educate sophisticated and
intelligent investors about their future; and then we provide them with
the solutions.
Over 80% of people who invest overseas actually lose money. But
with our experience in assisting over 2,000 people invest internationally –
to a value of R1.7 billion – we can ensure that you Invest with Confidence
and ultimately create wealth preservation, a Plan B and peace of mind.
IPS offers far more than just international property investment.
We understand your needs and will help you design a solution to
achieve your long-term investment goals. We then help you implement
that plan by choosing an investment destination, the right property,
arranging the finance, and fulfilling all legal obligations.
We will help
you manage the sometimes confusing process of buying an international
property until you are ready to hand it over to a local management agent.
We take pride in our strategic affiliations with what we call our “Bestof-
Breed Partners,” who specialise in international property investments
in each country, and we take great pride in our own highly professional,
PROPERTY GOING GLOBAL dynamic, and knowledgeable team. Using this strategy, we help you
create global wealth through property – and preserve wealth through
international property – and build a better life for you and your family
in perpetuity.
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Wealth Migrate

In 2008, when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and the Global Financial
Crisis (or GFC) began, there was an opportunity to buy a fully occupied
building in Wimbledon, London, at less than 50% of the market value.
(We were buying them for £160 000 when 86 South Africans had just
bought through another company for more than £320 000 each.) These
properties had extraordinary yields at this value, and, more importantly,
they were in an already established area and community. I had lived in
Wimbledon for nine years, invested in a lot of property there and knew
the rental market implicitly. I was nervous about the impact of the GFC,
but my logic was that Wimbledon was always one of the most desirable
areas, and no matter what happened to the values, people would always
want to live there, which would sustain the income on the building.
I only had one problem. I needed to find £10 million to buy the
property outright from the developer, who had basically panicked due to
the global economic conditions. I approached everyone I knew who had
money, but I just didn’t seem to be able to find a solution quick enough.
I tried to buy one unit on my own, but the developer and bank laughed
at me. The market recovered in London in less than eight months and the
opportunity was gone.
This setback, however, inspired me to create a solution to take
advantage of any situation which presented itself in the future. It is based
on nature’s laws, which suggests that, as an individual I am powerless
in comparison with the power that comes from working together as a
team. This means taking advantage of collective buying power. I met up
with Hennie Bezuidenhout in the middle of 2009 and explained how we
could create a solution to blend nature’s laws of working together with the
SCOTT PICKEN XXXVIII use of IT to provide a situation which would revolutionize the property
industry and allow people to “Create Global Wealth”.
Basically, the analogy is the same as motor cars. Before Henry Ford,
cars were only for the really wealthy and the cars were built individually.
Henry Ford came along, created mass production and said, “You can have
any colour you like as long it’s black.”
The Model-T Ford revolutionized the transportation industry and
made transportation available to the middle class. Wealth Migrate is
doing exactly the same to international, commercial and local property,
allowing everyone to create global wealth through property and it will
revolutionize property forever.
Our technique was further enhanced by crowd funding, but more
about that later.
Wealth Migrate was created to provide a global, self-service, crowdfunding
property solution, which takes advantage of local property
markets, through Best of Breed Partners and collective buying power.
This will be optimised by a Global IT Platform, providing transparency
and efficiency for investing in property markets.
It is a blend of nature’s laws and technology, a simple solution to
buying global property aggressively, with like-minded, sophisticated
investors, and so create global wealth.
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As explained above, we provide two solutions: IPS, which helps people
invest directly in property; and Wealth Migrate, which helps investors
take advantage of collective buying power and diversification across
different assets, markets and countries.
We would like to welcome you into our world of globalisation, international property, and crowd funding, and teach you how to take advantage of some of the greatest current trends that are changing our Global Village in one simple book, called Property Going Global.