No Daddy it hurts


Author: Charmaine Marè Mack


When you are a child; who do you trust the most to love you, protect you, guide you and teach you right from wrong?

The world is sadly full of sick and deceitful people whom harm children; parents and caregivers will educate themselves about child abuse and in turn educate children too. Children need to know from a young age what is right and what is wrong when interacting with an adult. They need to be empowered so that their childhood is not stolen from them.

Born into a family tortured by an alcoholic father the author’s life became fraught with more than just fear of his rages, she becomes the object of something more frightening – his depth of her despair as she attempts to repair the seams of her life. When she realises that her father was not her biological father her life changes again, with more adjustments to make and more repairs to make.


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