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My Health. Are my Grandparents to blame?


Author:  Gert Maritz

This book is to inform you of the impact of a wrong lifestyle on the future health of your children and grand-children.  Often the lifestyle decisions of grand-parents and parents are ill- informed because of a lack of knowledge.

As the title of this book indicates, it addresses the importance of grand-parental and parental lifestyle on the health later in the life of their children and grand-children.  It is important to note that the effect of, for example, eating habits, or smoking, or drinking, or using dietary supplements by the grand-parents and parents during pregnancy and lactation, can be inherited by their children.

As a consequence their children are “programmed” to become more susceptible to diseases such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, even if the children themselves adopted a healthy lifestyle.

This “program” is carried over not only to one generation, but rather several generations.  This implies that the descendants of the parents that were living an unhealthy lifestyle, will be suffering from that lifestyle for generations to come.  There is growing evidence that the obesity and diabetes “epidemic” that the developing worlds are experiencing at present, is largely due to this “programming” effect.

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