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In loving memory of Gregory by Shepherd’s Flock


Inside page 2 and 3 cover


Gehoorsaamheid, My Uitnodiging, Mary did you know, Vergifnis,
In die Hemel is die Heer, Jesus is die Opstanding, Laat daar Lig wees
Produced, recorded and mixed by Marius Brouwer @ Pop Planet Studios.
Guitars: J. Bauer
Bass: D. Lalouette
Drums: V. Henrico, S.Brouwer
Vocals and Backing Vocals: J. & R. Bauer

Feel like going Home, Trein, Keuses, When I get to Heaven, Something Special
Produced, recorded and mastered by Angel Music Studio Productions
Guitars: J. Bauer
Bass: Martin Digovich
Drums: Bruce Wallace
Vocals and Backing Vocals: J. & R. Bauer
Arrangement: Jade Storm
Photos: Nico Blignaut