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God’s shining palette


Author:  Adri Ludick

In God’s Shining Palette  Adri Ludick draws the reader’s attention to the fact that God, as the only almighty, all-knowing God, created light and colour as a derived form of light, for a reason.  His whole creation is witness to the fact that colour is much more functional than the mere aesthetic value it contains.  The camouflaging strategy of the chameleon is but one striking illustrating example.  God is a practical God and everything in His creation is purposeful, including colour.

The reader will discover how colour relates to holistic well-being.  Colour therapy, from a Christian perspective, is explored.  Though considered to be an alternative New Age healing method, colour therapy, if practiced in conjunction with Biblical principles, could become an effective treatment to enhance the well-being of body, soul and spirit.

The writer takes you on a journey through the Bible to illustrate colour’s symbolic importance in Scripture.  During the journey it will become clear how the Gospel’s golden thread binds the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Indeed, the whole Bible is designed to testify of Christ Jesus, and colour plays a significant role in this regard. In post-modern language it could almost be described as the Bible’s colour coding.  You will also acquire knowledge about colour’s healing properties and how to incorporate it practically into your life.   As colour is so entwined with life, she addresses some life issues and sensitive topics that will engross the reader’s attention.  She writes boldly about social taboos, including estrangement from adult children and occult involvement  – topics that might not be discussed in conservative circles, although they became part and parcel of this New Age of deception.

You will never look at the influential abilities of colour in the same way again.

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