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FIREFLY by Adriaan Beeslaar

Firefly revolves around Timothy, a young adult male who battles depression and later gives into it when he decides to commit suicide at the start of the story. However, he wakes up to find
he isn’t in heaven or hell. When Timothy discovers he’s a ghost he soon meets the angel Elijah who infonns him he needs to save a soul before he can enter the afterlife. To save a soul is a list consisting of three deeds. The deeds are to save the soul of three people battling in their lives. The first is his previous girlfriend who broke him. He needs to get understanding from why she did what she did. The second
is his father who abandoned him at a young age. Through this Timothy will gain closure. The last is an unknown girl he meets that he soon discovers has it way worse than he had it. The last task
takes a turn when the strange girl Haley also commits suicide. As she doesn’t get a second chance infonns
Elijah, Timothy makes a deal to take her place in Hell if she can take his in Heaven. Throughout the
story, Timothy begins to realize what life is all about and that to save a soul isn’t about him helping three
people, it’s about him helping himself understand the pain of others.

Adriaan Gerhard us Beeslaar. Young South African male currently the owner and writer for Blue Monkey Magazine
and also the Entertaimnent Editor for Anytime Anywhere Magazine. Adriaan, nickname Riaan is also the author of the young adult fiction book Firefly. Born 1992 Riaan Beeslaar only discovered his love and passion for writing at age 23 in 2015 when he started working on his young adult fiction novel titled Firefly. Currently, a freelance journalist residing in Johannesburg, South Africa.