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Author: Jorge Alves

First, there was capitalism; then
communism and finally…


The French Revolution stopped abruptly at a certain point, due to the revolution’s own dynamics, to the greed of certain rulers and also because they didn’t have the technological tools that we have today. Ergonocracy seeks to go further by defining more advanced frontiers with the use of IT and creating conditions in which humans can live in accordance with their
true nature. This is the origin of the name ‘Ergonocracy ‘. In addition to safeguarding the principles of freedom and equality before the law, inalienable defense of private property and the right of resistance to oppression, Ergonocracy adds the following concepts: dilution of power, direct democracy, concessionary companies and the prohibition of economic exploitation of man by man.
Ergonocracy defends the notion that all political mechanisms must be transparent and flexible, arguing that all citizens must have direct access to all public processes. This requires all public entities to disclose their actions and activities online.
It only makes sense in a truly free world, and aims to indicate the path to a society where people have fewer constraints on their individual freedom.
In terms of microeconomics, a new economic system is created that is better adapted to mankind’s characteristics, since this model has the main purpose of proposing a naturally balanced system that will do away with the exploitation of man by man. This implies that the current concept of employers and employees will cease to exist and in its place there will be a member-colleague business relationship, although certain partners may still have more influence in the organisation. The result is a single working class, which will simultaneously aggregate capital and labour.
Everyone has a vested interest in the organisation and genuinely strives for its success, being also emphasised the importance of meritocracy measures are also designed to reduce the power of large corporations.
The best of two worlds, to keep the freedoms and advantages of private initiative on one hand and the elimination of human exploitation on the other.
Ergonocracy will probably be the safest radical way to conserve the best of our ‘Old World’.
Keeping up where the French Revolution stopped!

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