Despite the storm


Author:  Maria Matshogo

When I went through my fire, I could not understand why all those things were happening to me. I felt like God was against my existence. I asked myself that if He was such a powerful God, then why He allowed bad things to happen to a defenceless child that I was, the timid woman that I became.

God allows things to happen in our lives, not to destroy us but to build us.  The fiery furnace of our trials is not to consume us but to refine us.

It is in the middle of confusion that we find ourselves, and in doing that we need to help others find themselves too.

Despite the Storm takes you through my personal journey, and in that it is my wish that others can find inspiration, encouragement and strength to withstand their furnace.

Despite the pain, disappointments and setbacks in our lives, God has given us immense power to overcome anything. Every bitter pill is to prepare us for greatness.


About the author:

Maria is a freelance writer. She is currently working under the Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate in the Department of Agriculture and Land Reform, Kimberley, Northern Cape.

Her personal experiences with abuse inspired her debut work (Despite the storm).  Now a mother of two and a dedicated Christian, who feels that nothing in her life is worthy without God.

The book shares personal pain and Recovery. She inspires women and girls to forgive themselves for not having it all together and to rebrand labels in order to reclaim their lives.

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