Dèan in top gear


Author: Dick Beets

After my son’s accident I had to give permission that his life support systems be switched off and I was so traumatized that I ended up in a psychiatric hospital. There I learned that suicide is abundant amongst people who experience painful events during their lives. The aim of this book is to give the reader in a fiction fashion an alternative opinion as to why we are involved in hurtful events during our lives. If this book can save only one life, then it was worth the effort. During my studies in trauma
counselling at university I have learnt: “Mental health means making meaning of your life!” The reader will hopefully find meaning for the various ordeals that we all experience.

The story is about a young man (Déan) who lives his life to the full (in top gear) and then tragically dies in a car accident. His family is seriously traumatized by the event (as expected) but after some time father and son start a dialogue which results in this book. Go with Déan on an adventure ride through different dimensions.


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