CATS FOR REAL by Charmaine Ann Gaynor

Four beautiful cats tell their story, as only they can.

Crystal is a kitten bought from a pet shop by a young girl as a gift for her mother.               She is a feisty little cat that experiences her new world with these two special people. Her loves and heartaches are profound.

Baloo is also bought from a pet shop, but this time it is the mother who buys the cat. She is a very tiny kitten and is insecure. She struggles to befriend Crystal. Most people never see her, as Baloo is always hiding away.

Rescue also comes from a pet shop, and is three months old. It doesn’t take him long yo befriend Bella the dog. He is very vocal and likes to meow a lot. He has a wonderful nature and loves everyone.

The fourth cat is Starshine, a naughty feral kitten that finds a home. She is extremely mischievous and looks for trouble with everyone except the guys in the family.

All cats have personalities, just like people. This charming book is a real story that will appeal to cat lovers of all ages.