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Descendants of the bloodlines – Casters of Light by J.G. Erasmus


Once, thousands of years ago, when man had barely begun to farm the lands, domesticate animals, and form small communities that traded with each other, a strange race of people emerged from across the seas. Gifted with incredible powers over the natural world, they enslaved the rest of mankind, proclaiming themselves to be gods, and forced them to built great stone monuments and temples all across the world as testament to their supreme power and rule. The enslaved people had many names for them, but most simply referred to them as the ‘Ancient Ones’, for it was rumored that they were the remnants of a civilization from a previous, almost forgotten age that had ended in a great cataclysm. They never seemed to grow older, were petty and cruel, and ruled with impunity for almost a thousand years over those they considered as lesser than themselves; raping, plundering and murdering at will. Eventually they became so corrupt and decadent that they turned on each other in their insatiable greed and lust for more power.

But the children born from these atrocities weren’t normal, either, soon showing to had inherited magical talents of their own. Magic invariably different from that which the Ancients Ones wielded, but no less formidable, and the enslaved people realized that they finally had a weapon with which to fight back against their unscrupulous oppressors. These children were kept hidden and revered as saviors, for one day they would fight the sorcerers on their own ground to free humanity from their tyranny. It became apparent, however, that these ‘Gifted Ones’, as they later became known, could not produce children with each other unless their talents were similar in nature, and then passed only those same talents on to the next generations. The birthrate between Gifted Ones and normal humans was extremely low, and if children were produced, they didn’t always inherit the Gifts, either. Those that did, found that their power was severely diminished, and even more so with every consecutive generation.

So the Gifted Ones were divided into groups according to their different types of abilities, and were encouraged to grow and populate only within their own ranks, giving rise to the Bloodlines. In this way they spawned a secret army of Gifted Ones who, as time passed, came to number in their thousands.

Thinking themselves safe in their citadels of stone, and with their lustful gazes still focused on each other, the Ancient Ones were taken by complete surprise when the slaves revolted. With the Bloodlines at their side, they finally rose up and destroyed the Ancient Ones utterly…

It was ironic, however, that the Bloodlines eventually came to replace the Ancient Ones as rulers over mankind, and became as corrupt and decadent as their predecessors. They turned on each other, too, Bloodline fighting against Bloodline, and so it all came full circle as they were themselves finally overthrown by those they sought to rule. The survivors withdrew from the public eye, going into hiding amongst the Commoners, as they referred to those without the Gifts. They removed every reference, every trace of themselves, and the Ancient Ones, from the histories of man, and so faded into obscurity over the passage of time. Only the ruins of stone structures and monuments remained in evidence of their passing.

But the jealousy and hatreds between the Bloodlines were deeply ingrained, and their feud with each other merely continued in secret. It rages on even now…