AMBAR by Coert Steenberg Engelbrecht

He stands in a dark corner pensively, staring as if he was looking at the night sky trying to count all the stars. His body absolutely motionless, his face stark, almost like a predator fixated on it’s pray. But there is softness in his blooding eyes, something in direct contrast with the rest of his tough, rugged body. He absorbs the bacteria into his system and it frantically attacks his body. For the bacteria its only defense is attack, but it’s no match for Ambar, he has fought and won a lot of battles much worse than this. For a moment he becomes nauseous and unsteady as his body reacts to the attack, and then it’s over. Ambar wishes he could just reveal himself to the man and scare the living daylight out of him, but instead he crouches down on one knee and folds his wings around Caythlen. She tries to stay as quiet as possible as she hears the footsteps getting closer. It feels as if her heart is going to burst right out of her chest.

Ambar jumps into the car and grabs hold of Caythlen she is sitting directly behind the driver, on the side where the oncoming car is about to hit them. There is nothing Ambar can do to avoid the colision; he can just try to protect Caythlen from the impact. He pulls her close against his chest and wraps his wings tightly around her, forming a protective cocoon. He looks over his left shoulder, staring at the oncoming vehicle, as if he is thinking; try yout best!


Coert Steenberg Engelbrecht


Born: 1975-02-18


Place: Standerton – Mpumalamga – South Africa