A practical self-healing guide for depression, OCD, PTSD and grief


Author: Jerry Seventeen

In this book lies a powerful message I’ve discovered over and over. This book has the potential to change your thoughts, your actions and your life. Change can be fearful, but sometimes it is for the best. A small start and a small step in the right direction are sometimes just what we need. Sometimes we need a helping hand to show us the right way. This book can be the road map you need and the stepping stone to healing.

This book is for those who are still fighting no matter how many times you’ve been hurt and broken, for those who don’t know where to turn, for those who need encouragement, for those in desperate need of support, for those with a deep unsolved hardship and for those who made the choice to heal.

Our journey of healing is different, but the path we all travel on is the same. We’re all on life’s path and on the path of healing. Some of us are still trying to stand up and others are walking and running on the path. Everybody’s stop signs and challenges are different. Sometimes we need a helping hand… Let me take you forward in your quest and then I will let you go to see you finish your journey with determination, power and strength.

My vision for this book is to give support to all in need. With that, I want you to find yourself, your disorder, your support and the unlimited power within your soul. To heal stays the most important goal for all of us.

Support is almost a basic need in the world we live in. Put yourself out there for the people you love most. It’s free and it’s one of the best ways to change your life and to change someone else’s life. Phone someone, talk to someone, open your heart, leave an open invitation for someone in need and start another healing journey of your own… Pay this forward.

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