A life lived… Cancer survived


Author: Tebogo Malema


“Hardship, trial and pain are the best gauge of what one actually has inside oneself. Those are the things that beg for more than just muscle to fight off its challenges. The things, that digs deep inside of you for a solution. A solution that will be seen by all; but who can’t for a second feel an inch of the pain that you experience. Well, I have felt it. I have been down and out. Pushed to the edge, and in agony to my very core. Lost people, support, structure, money, health, strength and almost lost my mind, but nothing could have prepared me to be told by the doctor that I have less than 6 months to live!”

Tebogo Malema tells her story of survival against all odds five years after the doctors said she will die. This is a true story of survival and education about the rare cancer she has, and prejudice overcome by faith.


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