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19 Code of the Alpha & Omega


Author: Anthon von Lisenborgh

Years ago I picked up a Book on a Dump site related to the NAME of GOD and it piqued my interest.Then the Holy Spirit guided me and I was HOOKED on the study and research into the matter of, the NAME. God revealed things to me that is as yet still DEEPLY HIDDEN pertinently related to HIS NAME, and God showed me how the present Churches are preaching in but not REVEALING or GLORIFYING his most Holy NAME and ordered me to reveal it unto the Nations were He can again Return back unto this fold as PROMISED. As ordered, I began to study other religions and this assisted me in removing the Chrysalis to see the LIGHT of the Son, in the Name from which all is. Then it was shown to me that ALL religions have been given this TRUTH, as the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR or LCD, that I now reveal here, but academics still DENY and Spit upon His Name, even within Judaism, Islam, and in Christianity also.   Then in 1974 a Muslim Engineer, Dr Rashad Khalifa,  when translating the Quran, discovered the SOLOMONIC SECRET of the Name given us 3000 years ago by Solomon encoded in Bismillah, to the Queen of Sheba in 1Kings 10:13 and sura 27:30,  on his computer and was KILLED to prevent this CODE being revealed, on 31:01:1990.  Even though he did not understand the CODE and could not decipher it in the Bismillah.  It was GIVEN unto me to decode this 3000 year old CODE in the 19, in the Old and New Testament and the Quran, and that is why it is now revealed in this work that will one day become a world FIRST in academia and all CHURCHES even though nothing is ever NEW,  for Phil 2:9 to be in fulfillment as also sura 68:42. 

It is written. 

Sela 999.


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