Author:  Rika de Jager

At the age of 23 Gregory had to give up his fight against the life-threatening disease, Osteopetrosis.  God gave him a remarkably positive attitude which he expressed each day regadless of all the disappointments and setbacks.  In the 23 years of his life he had 40 operations, however, he chose to live each God-given day to the fullest.  His life enriched those of his family and everyone around him.  he taught me, as his mother, many life lessons.  This is my motivation to share his life’s story with everyone who needs to be encouraged.

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MY PAD SAAM MET GREGORY deur Rika de Jager

Skrywer: Rika de Jager

Op 23 jarige ouderdom moes Gregory sy lewenslange stryd teen ‘n lewens-bedreigende siekte, Osteopetrose, gewonne gee. Die Here het vir hom ‘n buitengewone positiewe gees gegee wat hy daafliks uitgeleef het, ten spyte van baie teleurstellings en terugslae.  In die 23 jaar van sy lewe moes hy 40 operasies ondergaan, maar hy het gekies om elke dag verby sy eie uitdagings te kyk en die lewe voluit te lewe en alles te benut wat die Here vir hom gegee het.  Sy lewe het ons gesin en die mense rondom hom se lewens verryk en hy het my as ma, soveel lewenslesse geleer dat ek graag sy lewe wou deel om ook sodoende ander te boemoedig wat deur moeilike omstandighede moet worstel.

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Property Solutions (IPS) is and how we have the ability to find the
absolute best partners in each international property market.
IPS provides an all-inclusive private banking solution to off-shore
investors, essentially doing only two things: we educate sophisticated and
intelligent investors about their future; and then we provide them with
the solutions.
Over 80% of people who invest overseas actually lose money. But
with our experience in assisting over 2,000 people invest internationally –
to a value of R1.7 billion – we can ensure that you Invest with Confidence
and ultimately create wealth preservation, a Plan B and peace of mind.
IPS offers far more than just international property investment.
We understand your needs and will help you design a solution to
achieve your long-term investment goals. We then help you implement
that plan by choosing an investment destination, the right property,
arranging the finance, and fulfilling all legal obligations.
We will help
you manage the sometimes confusing process of buying an international
property until you are ready to hand it over to a local management agent.
We take pride in our strategic affiliations with what we call our “Bestof-
Breed Partners,” who specialise in international property investments
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PROPERTY GOING GLOBAL dynamic, and knowledgeable team. Using this strategy, we help you
create global wealth through property – and preserve wealth through
international property – and build a better life for you and your family
in perpetuity.
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Wealth Migrate

In 2008, when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and the Global Financial
Crisis (or GFC) began, there was an opportunity to buy a fully occupied
building in Wimbledon, London, at less than 50% of the market value.
(We were buying them for £160 000 when 86 South Africans had just
bought through another company for more than £320 000 each.) These
properties had extraordinary yields at this value, and, more importantly,
they were in an already established area and community. I had lived in
Wimbledon for nine years, invested in a lot of property there and knew
the rental market implicitly. I was nervous about the impact of the GFC,
but my logic was that Wimbledon was always one of the most desirable
areas, and no matter what happened to the values, people would always
want to live there, which would sustain the income on the building.
I only had one problem. I needed to find £10 million to buy the
property outright from the developer, who had basically panicked due to
the global economic conditions. I approached everyone I knew who had
money, but I just didn’t seem to be able to find a solution quick enough.
I tried to buy one unit on my own, but the developer and bank laughed
at me. The market recovered in London in less than eight months and the
opportunity was gone.
This setback, however, inspired me to create a solution to take
advantage of any situation which presented itself in the future. It is based
on nature’s laws, which suggests that, as an individual I am powerless
in comparison with the power that comes from working together as a
team. This means taking advantage of collective buying power. I met up
with Hennie Bezuidenhout in the middle of 2009 and explained how we
could create a solution to blend nature’s laws of working together with the
SCOTT PICKEN XXXVIII use of IT to provide a situation which would revolutionize the property
industry and allow people to “Create Global Wealth”.
Basically, the analogy is the same as motor cars. Before Henry Ford,
cars were only for the really wealthy and the cars were built individually.
Henry Ford came along, created mass production and said, “You can have
any colour you like as long it’s black.”
The Model-T Ford revolutionized the transportation industry and
made transportation available to the middle class. Wealth Migrate is
doing exactly the same to international, commercial and local property,
allowing everyone to create global wealth through property and it will
revolutionize property forever.
Our technique was further enhanced by crowd funding, but more
about that later.
Wealth Migrate was created to provide a global, self-service, crowdfunding
property solution, which takes advantage of local property
markets, through Best of Breed Partners and collective buying power.
This will be optimised by a Global IT Platform, providing transparency
and efficiency for investing in property markets.
It is a blend of nature’s laws and technology, a simple solution to
buying global property aggressively, with like-minded, sophisticated
investors, and so create global wealth.
For more information go to
As explained above, we provide two solutions: IPS, which helps people
invest directly in property; and Wealth Migrate, which helps investors
take advantage of collective buying power and diversification across
different assets, markets and countries.
We would like to welcome you into our world of globalisation, international property, and crowd funding, and teach you how to take advantage of some of the greatest current trends that are changing our Global Village in one simple book, called Property Going Global.

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TANJA deur Francois Stemmet (e-boek weergawe)

Skrywer: Francois Stemmet


Liefdesdriehoeke. Familietwis. Desperaatheid.

Tanja Naude het nooit gedink dat sy en Graham Bradley verlief sou raak nie, maar wat sy nog minder verwag het, is dat haar ma, Celia Naude wat so gesteld is op sosiale status, hierdie gesiene dokter sou afkeur as aanstaande skoonseun.
Wat Tanja egter nie weet nie, is dat Celia Naude ’n donker geheim saam met haardra, en sy sal alles in haar vermoë doen omTanja se toekoms met Graham Bradley in die wiele te ry.

De Waal, Tanja se broer, is verlief op Sonja, maar sy het net oëvir Graham en salenigietsdoenomhaarkloue in hom in teslaan; selfstekonkel met MevrouNaude …
Tanja soek toe vlug op al die verkeerdeplekke, en depressie sak oor haar soos ’n donkerwolk. Sal sy daaruit kan ontsnap, of gaan haar moeder se gekoesterde wrok haar dogter se lewe ook verwoes?


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DISAPPEARED – by Malise van Sittert

Author:  Malise van Sittert

Crystal White, one of the most popular kids in school, soon learns that life can take some unexpected turns.  Stolen from her life with many questions unanswered, She must now face an entire new world unknown to most.  Above all, she needs to adapt to living with five guys…five criminals.  That’s not so bad is it?  Well when you start getting involved in their problems then it certainly is.  Can she escape?  Actually, the question is does she want to?  Can love really overcome all things?  So many questions, so few answers.


Malise van Sittert, an inspiring young writer!  She already started writing this book at the age of 14.  As her Afrikaans HL teacher (Gr. 9), I’ve enjoyed her essays a lot, she proved to be a writer in her own right.  Her imagination, experiences and devotion to writing proved that her writing skills only improved by the day.  I am honoured to have been part of her life.  With her mother, Dorette van Sittert’s inspiration, I believe Malise will soon be one of the best young writers in South Africa.  Now at the age of 15, she has made me a proud teacher and I am so proud to have been part of her inspiration.  Malise, I know you will be one of the best writers South Africa has ever produced.

-Ms. Louisa Pretorius

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LOVE GRACIE by Joan Freedman

Author:  Joan Freedman

Gracie was taught by her parents to be considerate of others and, above all, to be broad minded. She feels a very personal relationship with God through which she communicates her thoughts, feelings etc. She considers the feelings and opinions of others to be as valid as her own even if they differ from hers.

Joan Freedman was born and raised in rural South Africa and is currently living in Oudtshoorn, the town of her birth. She has a family, which includes writers and artists, and has traveled quite extensively throughout the world.

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Skrywer: Willem Agenbag

Willem Agenbag, die skrywer, is gebore op sy plaas Kameelboom in die hartjie van Namakwaland.  Hy het sy skoolloopbaan voltooi in die skilderagtige dorpie Kamieskroon, waarna hy sy tersiêre studies buitemuurs gedoen het.  Hy het na sy loopbaan as Hospitaalbestuurder, afgetree in Durbanville.

Willem het reeds twee boeke getiteld, “Kort stories uit Namakwaland” en `n roman “Ek roep na jou oor die see,” uitgegee.  Hy skryf oor die wel en wee van sy hartland, maar meer oor die humoristiese en nostalgiese stories van weleer van die wonderlike mense in daardie geweste.

In hierdie opvolgboek van hom, “Nostalgiese stories uit Namakwaland,” vertel hy met nog meer entoesiasme van die stories uit die wêreld wat hy so hartstogtelik liefhet.

Willem skryf tans aan sy vierde boek, nog `n roman, “Die seewind fluister ons liefde.”  Dit behoort vroeg in 2017 klaar te wees.

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Skrywer: Louis du Preez

Louis du Preez was onderwyser, departementshoof en lektor.  Na 43 jaar tree hy uit diens as Senior Onderwyskundige by die Wes-Kaapse Onderwysdepartement.  Hy is steeds betrokke as beoordelaar by kunswedstryde en bied musiek- en dramawerkswinkels aan.

Deuntjies vir klein Duimpies is sy vierde soorgelyke publikasie.  Vorige publikasies fokus op die gebruik van aksieliedjies en sangspeletjies vir die ontwikkeling van motoriese vaardigheid en die gebruik van musiekaktiwiteite ter ondersteuning van leesontwikkeling.

Hierdie publikasie poog nie alleen om vir die skoolbeginner musiekervaring en – onderrig te skep nie, maar hang ook nou saam met ander aspekte van die kind se holistiese ontwikkeling.  Die musiek en toepaslike aktiwiteite is gebaseer op di NASIONALE KURRIKULUM EN ASSESSERINGSBELEIDSVERKLARING.  Die musiekaktiwiteite word geïntegreer met vakke soos Wiskunde, taal en Lewensvaardighede (Skeppende Kunste).

CD met musiek ingesluit


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Author: Andrè Jacobs

Peggy Barnes was born under the sodden clouds and coal-smog of the English Black Country, during the depression.  Her penniless family immigrated to Cape Town, when she was nine.

She blossomed into a beauty, rambling in the sun-drenched and heather-scented Cape Mountains.  She married a war hero, and learned to love his rustic Afrikaans family.  For half a century she was in the turmoil of parliamentary opposition to the apartheid government, but she always preferred pets to politicians.

Her dogs were of uninhibited and intractable character; dramas in their own right, but at the heart of her emotions.  Her last was the murderous Molly, her shadow during her last years, who after her death, never ceased to seek her in very toilet.

She taught herself to read at four (Mom, not Molly) and remained well-informed and outspoken until the end.  As a White liberal, she represented a species of humanity which is now extinct in South
Africa, so her inimitable personality encapsulated a unique era.

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[kad_youtube url="" ]

“Ek het hierdie dinamiese boek gelees.  Dit is die werk van `n kundige man wat die tema met wysheid en insig behandel gegrond op deeglike navorsing oor die verskynsel van die psigopatiese persoonlikheidsversteuring.  Ek het nog nie `n boek teegekom wat hierdie onderwerp op die vlak hanteer wat dr Roux dit doen nie.”

Dr AC Lawrence, Praktiserende Psigiater

“Jannie Roux se manuskrip gooi die lesersnet wyd, sonder om oppervlakkig te wees.  Ons leer die mens agter makabere gebeure ken, kom meer te wete van beweegredes en oorsake van hierdie tipe anti-sosiale gedrag en spreek die immer aanwesige vraag van aanspreeklikheid en behandelbaardheid aan”

Marius Ackerman, Praktiserende Advokaat

“Ek dink die skrywer het dit reggekry om die “waserigheid” rondom psigopatie op `n verstaanbare manier te ontsluit.  Ek dink die boek bied genoeg stof tot nadenke vir praktisyns, akademici, studente en sommer ook vir die leek wat graag meer wil weet oor die gedragsversteuring.  Die boek is goed gebalanseer en smelt seminale inligting van die verlede op `n kreatiewe wyse saam met resente verwikkelings rakende psigopatie.  Die maklike wyse waarop soms moeilike konsepte verduidelik word noodsaak spesiale melding.  Die skrywer se bydrae bied ook `n vars oënskou op die neurofisiologiese aspekte wat met psigopatie geassosieer word.”

Prof. Christiaan Bezuidenhout

Professor in Kriminologie, Universiteit van Pretoia;

President:  Kriminologiese en Viktimologiese Vereniging van Suidelike Afrika

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Eight drops of blood

Author:  Charmaine Ann Gaynor

There is a sinister atmosphere that surrounds the farm that has belonged to the Shultz family for eight generations.  There is a secret in this house that has caused death, pain and sorrow.  Erin Schultz is the youngest surviving descendant of Joseph Shultz and she is about to find out some very alarming facts about the history of her family.  Not only will she finally learn about the truth of her mother’s death from her father, she will also learn the reason why she should not, must not, have children.

At a very young age, Erin’s Aunt Catherine took her under her wing and with the help of her gypsy friend Rosemary and her grandmother; a beautiful silver-star pendant with an emerald in the centre was created and placed around her neck.  She was three years old at the time.  This magic pendant would protect her when she turned five, because this is the age the beast would start visiting her at night.  With his terrifying appearance he would torment her and eventually kill her unless the warrior cat finds her in time.

But Catherine knows that more must be done so that Erin can marry the man she loves and have children.  Catherine has in her possession the journal of Joseph Schultz where he talks about the curse on his family and how it all started.  She is determined to find a way to destroy the curse and save Erin from pain and misery.  Catherine goes on a mission with Rosemary to find answers to some questions that have been bothering her for a long time about her family’s history.  Will Catherine be able to set Erin free form the curse?  Will the family finally find peace?

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Die Baas van Tweespruit

Skrywer: Henry Liversage

Dewald Schute moes van jongs af veg teen sy omstandighede.  Eers as weeskind in `n weeshuis en daarna in die weermag en later as huursoldaat in Afrika.  Sy opstandige geaardheid het hom telkemale in die moeilikheid laat beland met dikwels nadelige gevolge vir homself en ander na aan hom.

Na `n skermutseling met terroriste waartydens hy erg gewond word, keer hy na sy geboorteland terug en koop met sy boesemvriend se hulp, `n verwaarloosde plasie.  Hier speel die een krisis na die ander hom af.  Eers sy konfrontasie met die aanvallige Melanie Meiring, wat wingerdstokkies aan hom probeer verkoop.  Dan ontdek hy `n erg vernielde, byne dood, kleurlingseun in `n koma in die vorige bywonershuisie.  Hy vergryp hom kort-kort aan drank as gevolg van die pyn in sy been en is onbeskof teenoor sy vriende en Melanie, vir wie hy eintlik soos die pes vermy as gevolg van `n vorige liefdesteleurstelling, wat juis veroorsaak het dat hy Afrika binne gevlug het en nou `n renons het in al wat vroumens is.

Sy dokter raai hom aan om dringend `n operasie te ondergaan om sy been te red.  Hy stel dit egter telkens uit en Melanie kan nie begryp hoekom hy so hardkoppig is nie.  Dan draai `n byne noodlottige ongeluk Dewald se hele lewe om, waartydens hy besef dat hy, noudat hy sy ware gevoelens ontdek het, dalk nooit Melanie se hart sal wen nie.

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The Magic Bell

Author: Retief Potgieter

Ted is a lonely boy, who wishes he had friends and his mom never married his Stepfather. Then he meets a new friend and together they go off on a journey of a lifetime. Following clue after clue they try to find the missing Magical Bell, that has been illusive for centuries. Go with Ted and experience his many adventures and narrow escapes.

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Grandpa Santa

Author: Retief Potgieter

Benny is a boy like any other. There is just one thing weird. His Grandpa is Santa Clause and he has been invited to spend the December Holidays with him in the North Pole. Ride on a sleigh, seeing the Toys Factory, meeting the Elves and Rudolph the Reindeer is one of the many memories created. But then Benny and his new friends investigate the sinister sabotaging of Santa Clause and everything he holds dear. It is a book full of action and drama.

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“Murderer” Oscar

Author: Advocate John Bauer

You shall not murder: Exodus 20:13

A tampered crime scene, an injustice and the psyche of the man behind it all. Was he driven by insecurity and fear… or aggression and anger?  A helpless cripple or a narcissist with a chip on his shoulder?

Was the South African legal system tarnished by a trial riddled with harassment and bias?

Join advocate John Bauer as he looks at a case that shook the world from a new perspective, and then decide for yourself … is Oscar Pistorius a murderer?

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Skrywer:  Theodoor George Kieser

Their land was invaded by foreigners from far-away places. With them they brought death and destruction. Their peace was disrupted and in their quest for gold and new land, they started to murder the inhabitants that used to roam free. After long battles and miserable slavery forced upon them, the inhabitants of the land, of which the Ongo tribe were part of, decided that enough was enough, they have to take a stand, or die. The leaders of the different tribes came together, and long meetings with the leaders of the foreigners ensued, but the outcome was not satisfactory, therefor the decision was made to leave their old hunting grounds.

Hawk and Sunshine, Patriarch and Matriarch of the Ongo tribe decided to move away with their tribe from their territorial land to seek a better living place, away from the strange people with their strange and cruel ways. After months of suffering on their long journey, and the loss of many beloved ones, who earmarked their road of suffering with the pyre’s of death, they found what they were looking for; peace and freedom.

Then the god of love looked down upon them and a baby girl was born-Snowbird. But although they found joy and peace in their new land, and joy with the birth of their one and only daughter, grief and sorrow were not far off, and the road to overcome that grief and sorrow was full of rocks, mud, and sometimes obstructions that seemed impossible to overcome. But with determination, and the will to survive, they took a stand against everything that spelled evil. And when their beloved granddaughter became the victim of a half-breed, all hell broke loose.

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Kabouterstories Volume 2

Skrywer:  Lizma van der Berg

Kabouterstories kom uit die verbeelding van `n kreatiewe ouma.  Kabouterstories is provol avonture en sal elke kind aanmoedig om te lees!

Sluit in CD, inkleurboek en kryte.


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Kabouterstories Volume 1

Skrywer: Lizma van der Berg

Kabouterstories kom uit die verbeelding van `n kreatiewe ouma.  Kabouterstories is propvol avonture en sal elke kind aanmoedig om te lees!

Sluit in CD, inkleurboek en kryte.

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“Moordenaar” Oscar

Skrywer: Advokaat John R. Bauer

Jy mag nie moord pleeg nie: Eksodus 20:13

‘n Raaiselagtige misdaadtoneel en die psige van die man daaragter… ‘n man gedryf deur onsekerheid en vrees of aggressie en woede?  ‘n Hulpelose gestremde of ‘n narsistiese kansvatter?  `n Regverdige hofsaak of partydigheid en teistering?

Is die geloofwaardigheid van die Suid-Afrikaanse regsproses in die proses benadeel?

Kyk saam met advokaat Bauer vanuit ‘n nuwe perspektief na ‘n saak wat die wêreld geruk het en besluit dan self… is Oscar Pistorius ‘n moordenaar?

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Miggie en die Ysterperdman

Skrywer:  Sara Francis

Miggie is onder die “Waterdraer Sterreteken” gebore en haar vriendelike en behulpsame, dog halsstarrige geaardheid pas so reg in die kraal van `n tipiese mensgeoriënteerde Waterdraer.

Nadat Bertie, die groot liefde van haar lewe, haar gelos het vir `n ander meisie het Miggie geswèèr sy sal nòòit weer `n man in haar lewe toelaat nie; veral nie in haar hart.  Sy is heeltemal tevrede om eerder `n gelukkige oujongnooi te word.  Sy hèt mos haar kat, Skatlik, vir geselskap!

Maar dan kom trek die aantreklike, nuwe buurman met sy steekhaarbrak en sy ysterperd in en van dag een af is die hêrrie behoorlik los tussen hulle twee.  Selfs die kat en hond is gedurig aanmekaar en daar is net mooi geen vrede meer nie.

Om dinge nog meer gekompliseerd te maak, hoor sy weer uit die bloute van Bertie en wil hy haar na al die maande terug hê.  Intussen begin haar hart om een of ander rede wild klop as sy net die ysterperdman gewaar.  Die arme Miggie weet nie links of regs nie en gaan maar kort-kort by die “Waterdraer” om hulp en leiding aanklop.  Was hy dan nie reg destyds toe hy haar gewaarsku het oor “die lelike slang in die gras nie” en sy nie geluister het nie?  Nou staan daar weer `n wolf in skaapsklere voor haar deur!

Sal sy uiteindelik uitvind wiè die regte wolf is en sal Venus, die planet van liefde, haar genadig wees en weer liefde en romanse in haar lewe bring?

Sara Francis is van die diamantstad Kimberley in die Noord-Kaap en het in die klein dorpie, Douglas, grootgeword en skool gegaan.  Sy het twee seuns en `n dogter en is ook die trotse ouma van vier pragtige kleinkinders.  Sy was voorheen betrokke by haar man se onderneming, maar nou `n voltydse skrywer.  Sy is lief vir die buitelewe, doen naaldwerk en skilder ook graag, maar skryf was nog altyd haar grootste passie.  Miggie is die eerste van baie boeke wat nog gaan volg.  

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