The purpose of this publication is to lay down an accepted method of doing certain tasks in the Engineering Department.
The procedure acts as a guide to assist the worker in doing a particular job in a safe manner that is acceptable to the mine.
Standard Procedures does not substitute the supervision of the Foreman and the Engineers. It will assist workers involved to plan ahead and as result; do the job more safely and more effectively.

Why your company needs this…

This is already an accepted manual for major mining groups.
This manual is easy to understand and follow.
It could save the employer thousands of rands per employee in injury on duty claims and lost production hours. It may also save an employee the pain and loss of a serious injury.
By giving employees the opportunity to learn safe working methods it may serve as an extra cover against injury on duty law-suits.
A well trained workforce is safer and more efficient. This manual is a very small investment with a huge potential return on investment when efficiency and production is increased.

The Author
Paul Marais has over 30 years experience in mine engineering, and is considered one of South Africa’s top mine engineers.

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“Ek het hierdie dinamiese boek gelees.  Dit is die werk van `n kundige man wat die tema met wysheid en insig behandel gegrond op deeglike navorsing oor die verskynsel van die psigopatiese persoonlikheidsversteuring.  Ek het nog nie `n boek teegekom wat hierdie onderwerp op die vlak hanteer wat dr Roux dit doen nie.”

Dr AC Lawrence, Praktiserende Psigiater

“Jannie Roux se manuskrip gooi die lesersnet wyd, sonder om oppervlakkig te wees.  Ons leer die mens agter makabere gebeure ken, kom meer te wete van beweegredes en oorsake van hierdie tipe anti-sosiale gedrag en spreek die immer aanwesige vraag van aanspreeklikheid en behandelbaardheid aan”

Marius Ackerman, Praktiserende Advokaat

“Ek dink die skrywer het dit reggekry om die “waserigheid” rondom psigopatie op `n verstaanbare manier te ontsluit.  Ek dink die boek bied genoeg stof tot nadenke vir praktisyns, akademici, studente en sommer ook vir die leek wat graag meer wil weet oor die gedragsversteuring.  Die boek is goed gebalanseer en smelt seminale inligting van die verlede op `n kreatiewe wyse saam met resente verwikkelings rakende psigopatie.  Die maklike wyse waarop soms moeilike konsepte verduidelik word noodsaak spesiale melding.  Die skrywer se bydrae bied ook `n vars oënskou op die neurofisiologiese aspekte wat met psigopatie geassosieer word.”

Prof. Christiaan Bezuidenhout

Professor in Kriminologie, Universiteit van Pretoia;

President:  Kriminologiese en Viktimologiese Vereniging van Suidelike Afrika

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Questioning: The Undefended Accused Volume 3 – Practical Examples for Magistrates

Author: Advocate DJ Steyn


Questioning: The undefended accused – practical examples for magistrates series is a quick reference guide to criminal law, the law of evidence and the law of criminal procedure, blended together in a practical approach.

In Volume 3 various pro formas are suggested to assist the magistrate, for example with regard to –

  • Explanation of the existence and the meaning of the evidential provision as contained in section 18 of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992;
  • Dagga: Explanation of the rights of the undefended accused with regard to the right to appeal where the accused’s vehicle was (in terms of section 25(1)(b) of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992) declared as forfeited to the State;
  • Dealing in dagga: Explanation of the existence and the meaning of the definitions of “sell” and “dealing in” in section 1 of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992;
  • Enquiry in terms of section 103(1) / section 103(2) of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000;
  • Notification in terms of section 103 of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000; and
  • Admissions in terms of section 220 of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977.


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Author: Jozua Serfontein


Jozua Serfontein was born on 5 July 1928 on the farm Hermanuskraal near Witelsbos in the Tsitsikamma. His father worked as a labourer in the plantations of the Department of Forestry.

He started his career as an Extension Officer for the Department of Agriculture at Molteno and worked in different capacities in the Department before departing for further studies to the USA with his family. After completing a PhD at the University of Wisconsin in 1967, he was appointed in several posts consecutively – as Director of Soil Conservation, as Head of the Elsenburg Agricultural College and as Chief Director of Sea Fisheries in Cape Town.

Jozua was co-writer and editor of the history of Elsenburg Agricultural College. After retiring, he was commissioned to write history of Cape Agricultural Show, which was privately published in 1999. He then began to research the book about his birthplace, Tsitsikamma – a task which took the greater part of six years to complete.


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A plea for the elephants

Author: Kevin Parkinson


Over a period of eighty years, between 1979 and 1987, Hong Kong’s mafia-style syndicates, owners of ivory carving factories with no feeling whatsoever for the plight of Africa’s elephants, imported about 4 000 tonnes of ivory from various African countries. This sort of tonnage represented the slaughter of more than 400 000 of African’s elephants. Let us bear in mind that at the time of writing, 2015, that figures sums up to what is now considered left of Africa’s elephants – in all probability even less.

The carnage continues to this every day, with between 25 000 and 30 000 elephants being slaughtered annually by poachers, the killing of elephants outpacing the birth rate. Wealthy king pins connected to Chinese triads control these syndicates that have connections with corrupt government, game development  and custom officials.

Considering that during the 1970’s Africa’s elephant population was approximately 1 500 000, it is obvious that poachers have won the ivory “war”.

Ivory carving factories continue to operate in China and Japan, turning out necklaces, bracelets, rings, chopsticks and other carvings, to be sold in licensed shops. Bull elephants are most sought after by poachers, with the result that breeding bull are becoming fewer and fewer.

During the female’s elephant life – if she lives out her natural lifespan – she may give birth to approximately six calves. They are not prolific breeders: there is usually a gap of six to seven years between each calf.

The world’s largest land mammal, the intelligent and gentle elephant, is in serious trouble. This book tells of the plight of Africa’s elephants and some of the author’s experiences. It is a plea for the elephants.

A Plea for the elephants documentary will be available soon:

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*The profit generated from this book will be donated to elephant conservation.


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Questioning: The Undefended Accused – Practical Examples for Magistrates

Author: Adv. DJ Steyn


“The Undefended Accused” by Adv. K. Steyn will be used by;

  • newly appointed magistrates;
  • aspiring magistrates and law students,

and is a must for every Law Firm in South Africa.

Every person that’s is involved in court proceedings in South Africa would benefit from this release (Full title: Questioning: The Undefended Accused – Practical Examples for Magistrates).


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The best of South African Bonsai and a little history

Author: Willem Pretorius

(Size A4)


“The story of bonsai in South Africa is a fascinating one with colourful characters.

Not many bonsai countries can boast of trapeze artists, fighter pilots, a grower who established a bonsai-en on his bathroom roof and even a blind practitioner in their midst.

It is a rich heritage albeit poorly recorded and with lots of gaps that we can hopefully fill as the years pass. It is imperative that we do it as some of the characters are dying and without a record their tradition will mainly be transferred orally to next generations..”


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