LIFE UNRAVELLED deur Shaun Dreyden

Most people live their lives with many unanswered questions. Stabbing in the dark, and feeling unfulfilled, making their existence feel empty.  They hunger for fulfillment, but cannot identify the need, as they struggle in frustration through life, directionless, while making … Continued

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ONOMASTICS BY Bertie Neethling

Onomastics entails the study of names and naming systems. The discipline is derived from the Greek word onoma meaning ‘name’. In most languages of the world names are written with a capital letter. All of these form part of onomastics. The categories are manifold and some of the most important ones are following: anthroponymy, i.e the names of people. This may include first names, surnames, nick- or bynames, as well as ethnic names. They are all strongly linked to identity. The next prominent one is toponymy, i.e place names. All places whether streets, towns and landmarks carry names. Names in the economy, i.e brand names that include sponsors, as well as business names, also form a strong category. Then there are names in literature, i.e. literary onomastics, as well as shipping names and wild animal names. Onomastics is an impressive multidisciplinary field of study as this book outlines.

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The purpose of this publication is to lay down an accepted method of doing certain tasks in the Engineering Department.
The procedure acts as a guide to assist the worker in doing a particular job in a safe manner that is acceptable to the mine.
Standard Procedures does not substitute the supervision of the Foreman and the Engineers. It will assist workers involved to plan ahead and as result; do the job more safely and more effectively.

Why your company needs this…

This is already an accepted manual for major mining groups.
This manual is easy to understand and follow.
It could save the employer thousands of rands per employee in injury on duty claims and lost production hours. It may also save an employee the pain and loss of a serious injury.
By giving employees the opportunity to learn safe working methods it may serve as an extra cover against injury on duty law-suits.
A well trained workforce is safer and more efficient. This manual is a very small investment with a huge potential return on investment when efficiency and production is increased.

The Author
Paul Marais has over 30 years experience in mine engineering, and is considered one of South Africa’s top mine engineers.

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TEACH YOUR CHILD TO SWIM by Sasha van Schalkwyk

Author:  Sasha van Schalkwyk

With many years experience, this dynamic mother- and daughter trio-,

Sasha, Denise and Madelein, will teach you in a fun-filled manner how

to teach your child to swim.

This practical book is packed with step-by-step instructions, that will

show you how to teach your child to swim.

There is 17 swimming lessons already compiled, as well as 47 activities

with detailed descriptions and illustrations.

This comic illustrations and photo’s are a delight and adults, as well as

children, will associate with them.

This book is a must for every home and school. Parents, caretakers,

grand-parents, teachers and everybody who loves children, can use this

book with great success.

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LEER JOU KIND SWEM deur Sasha van Schalkwyk

Skrywer:  Sasha van Schalkwyk

Met baie jare se ervaring, leer die dinamiese ma- en dogter trio – Sasha,

Denise en Madelein – jou om jou kind op ‘n vrolike manier te leer swem.

Hierdie praktiese boek is propvol instruksies wat stap-vir-stap verduidelik

hoe om jou kind te leer swem.

Daar is 17 uitgewerkte swemlesse in sowel as 47 aktiwiteite wat in detail

beskryf en ge-illustreer is.

Die talle illustrasies en foto’s is komies en ouers en kinders sal aanklank

vind daarby.

Die boek is ‘n moet vir elke huis en skool. Ouers, voogde, oumas en oupas,

leerkragte en ‘n ieder en elk wat ‘n kind liefhet – gebruik dit met



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Property Solutions (IPS) is and how we have the ability to find the
absolute best partners in each international property market.
IPS provides an all-inclusive private banking solution to off-shore
investors, essentially doing only two things: we educate sophisticated and
intelligent investors about their future; and then we provide them with
the solutions.
Over 80% of people who invest overseas actually lose money. But
with our experience in assisting over 2,000 people invest internationally –
to a value of R1.7 billion – we can ensure that you Invest with Confidence
and ultimately create wealth preservation, a Plan B and peace of mind.
IPS offers far more than just international property investment.
We understand your needs and will help you design a solution to
achieve your long-term investment goals. We then help you implement
that plan by choosing an investment destination, the right property,
arranging the finance, and fulfilling all legal obligations.
We will help
you manage the sometimes confusing process of buying an international
property until you are ready to hand it over to a local management agent.
We take pride in our strategic affiliations with what we call our “Bestof-
Breed Partners,” who specialise in international property investments
in each country, and we take great pride in our own highly professional,
PROPERTY GOING GLOBAL dynamic, and knowledgeable team. Using this strategy, we help you
create global wealth through property – and preserve wealth through
international property – and build a better life for you and your family
in perpetuity.
For more information go to

Wealth Migrate

In 2008, when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and the Global Financial
Crisis (or GFC) began, there was an opportunity to buy a fully occupied
building in Wimbledon, London, at less than 50% of the market value.
(We were buying them for £160 000 when 86 South Africans had just
bought through another company for more than £320 000 each.) These
properties had extraordinary yields at this value, and, more importantly,
they were in an already established area and community. I had lived in
Wimbledon for nine years, invested in a lot of property there and knew
the rental market implicitly. I was nervous about the impact of the GFC,
but my logic was that Wimbledon was always one of the most desirable
areas, and no matter what happened to the values, people would always
want to live there, which would sustain the income on the building.
I only had one problem. I needed to find £10 million to buy the
property outright from the developer, who had basically panicked due to
the global economic conditions. I approached everyone I knew who had
money, but I just didn’t seem to be able to find a solution quick enough.
I tried to buy one unit on my own, but the developer and bank laughed
at me. The market recovered in London in less than eight months and the
opportunity was gone.
This setback, however, inspired me to create a solution to take
advantage of any situation which presented itself in the future. It is based
on nature’s laws, which suggests that, as an individual I am powerless
in comparison with the power that comes from working together as a
team. This means taking advantage of collective buying power. I met up
with Hennie Bezuidenhout in the middle of 2009 and explained how we
could create a solution to blend nature’s laws of working together with the
SCOTT PICKEN XXXVIII use of IT to provide a situation which would revolutionize the property
industry and allow people to “Create Global Wealth”.
Basically, the analogy is the same as motor cars. Before Henry Ford,
cars were only for the really wealthy and the cars were built individually.
Henry Ford came along, created mass production and said, “You can have
any colour you like as long it’s black.”
The Model-T Ford revolutionized the transportation industry and
made transportation available to the middle class. Wealth Migrate is
doing exactly the same to international, commercial and local property,
allowing everyone to create global wealth through property and it will
revolutionize property forever.
Our technique was further enhanced by crowd funding, but more
about that later.
Wealth Migrate was created to provide a global, self-service, crowdfunding
property solution, which takes advantage of local property
markets, through Best of Breed Partners and collective buying power.
This will be optimised by a Global IT Platform, providing transparency
and efficiency for investing in property markets.
It is a blend of nature’s laws and technology, a simple solution to
buying global property aggressively, with like-minded, sophisticated
investors, and so create global wealth.
For more information go to
As explained above, we provide two solutions: IPS, which helps people
invest directly in property; and Wealth Migrate, which helps investors
take advantage of collective buying power and diversification across
different assets, markets and countries.
We would like to welcome you into our world of globalisation, international property, and crowd funding, and teach you how to take advantage of some of the greatest current trends that are changing our Global Village in one simple book, called Property Going Global.

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Skrywer: Louis du Preez

Louis du Preez was onderwyser, departementshoof en lektor.  Na 43 jaar tree hy uit diens as Senior Onderwyskundige by die Wes-Kaapse Onderwysdepartement.  Hy is steeds betrokke as beoordelaar by kunswedstryde en bied musiek- en dramawerkswinkels aan.

Deuntjies vir klein Duimpies is sy vierde soorgelyke publikasie.  Vorige publikasies fokus op die gebruik van aksieliedjies en sangspeletjies vir die ontwikkeling van motoriese vaardigheid en die gebruik van musiekaktiwiteite ter ondersteuning van leesontwikkeling.

Hierdie publikasie poog nie alleen om vir die skoolbeginner musiekervaring en – onderrig te skep nie, maar hang ook nou saam met ander aspekte van die kind se holistiese ontwikkeling.  Die musiek en toepaslike aktiwiteite is gebaseer op di NASIONALE KURRIKULUM EN ASSESSERINGSBELEIDSVERKLARING.  Die musiekaktiwiteite word geïntegreer met vakke soos Wiskunde, taal en Lewensvaardighede (Skeppende Kunste).

CD met musiek ingesluit


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“Ek het hierdie dinamiese boek gelees.  Dit is die werk van `n kundige man wat die tema met wysheid en insig behandel gegrond op deeglike navorsing oor die verskynsel van die psigopatiese persoonlikheidsversteuring.  Ek het nog nie `n boek teegekom wat hierdie onderwerp op die vlak hanteer wat dr Roux dit doen nie.”

Dr AC Lawrence, Praktiserende Psigiater

“Jannie Roux se manuskrip gooi die lesersnet wyd, sonder om oppervlakkig te wees.  Ons leer die mens agter makabere gebeure ken, kom meer te wete van beweegredes en oorsake van hierdie tipe anti-sosiale gedrag en spreek die immer aanwesige vraag van aanspreeklikheid en behandelbaardheid aan”

Marius Ackerman, Praktiserende Advokaat

“Ek dink die skrywer het dit reggekry om die “waserigheid” rondom psigopatie op `n verstaanbare manier te ontsluit.  Ek dink die boek bied genoeg stof tot nadenke vir praktisyns, akademici, studente en sommer ook vir die leek wat graag meer wil weet oor die gedragsversteuring.  Die boek is goed gebalanseer en smelt seminale inligting van die verlede op `n kreatiewe wyse saam met resente verwikkelings rakende psigopatie.  Die maklike wyse waarop soms moeilike konsepte verduidelik word noodsaak spesiale melding.  Die skrywer se bydrae bied ook `n vars oënskou op die neurofisiologiese aspekte wat met psigopatie geassosieer word.”

Prof. Christiaan Bezuidenhout

Professor in Kriminologie, Universiteit van Pretoia;

President:  Kriminologiese en Viktimologiese Vereniging van Suidelike Afrika

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Questioning: The Undefended Accused Volume 3 – Practical Examples for Magistrates

Author: Advocate DJ Steyn


Questioning: The undefended accused – practical examples for magistrates series is a quick reference guide to criminal law, the law of evidence and the law of criminal procedure, blended together in a practical approach.

In Volume 3 various pro formas are suggested to assist the magistrate, for example with regard to –

  • Explanation of the existence and the meaning of the evidential provision as contained in section 18 of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992;
  • Dagga: Explanation of the rights of the undefended accused with regard to the right to appeal where the accused’s vehicle was (in terms of section 25(1)(b) of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992) declared as forfeited to the State;
  • Dealing in dagga: Explanation of the existence and the meaning of the definitions of “sell” and “dealing in” in section 1 of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992;
  • Enquiry in terms of section 103(1) / section 103(2) of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000;
  • Notification in terms of section 103 of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000; and
  • Admissions in terms of section 220 of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977.


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Author: Jozua Serfontein


Jozua Serfontein was born on 5 July 1928 on the farm Hermanuskraal near Witelsbos in the Tsitsikamma. His father worked as a labourer in the plantations of the Department of Forestry.

He started his career as an Extension Officer for the Department of Agriculture at Molteno and worked in different capacities in the Department before departing for further studies to the USA with his family. After completing a PhD at the University of Wisconsin in 1967, he was appointed in several posts consecutively – as Director of Soil Conservation, as Head of the Elsenburg Agricultural College and as Chief Director of Sea Fisheries in Cape Town.

Jozua was co-writer and editor of the history of Elsenburg Agricultural College. After retiring, he was commissioned to write history of Cape Agricultural Show, which was privately published in 1999. He then began to research the book about his birthplace, Tsitsikamma – a task which took the greater part of six years to complete.


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Die Bybel en Wetenskap in Harmonie

Skrywer: Andries Liebenberg

(Grootte: B5)


Veral jong mense kan nie meer glo in dinge wat vir hulle nie sin maak nie. Dinge word in die Bybel ingelees en vertolk in ‘n tyd of tydperk waar dit nie van toepassing is nie, want daar is groot verskille. Wat is die Bybel en wat is dit nie? Hoekom is die Bybel nie simbolies nie?

Daar was ‘n tydperk, wat Bybelboeke en die aarde bevestig, voor Adam met Lucifer as regeerder oor fisiese wesens en engele op aarde vir miljoene jare met stede en geen woestyne. Ander aartsengele in die hemelruimte het hul plekke of koninkryke waar hulle tot vandag regeer. By die herstel van die aarde was dit die maan wat die donkerte en water oor die droë grond veroorsaak het en was baie nader aan die aarde. Dit was finaal herstel op die vierde dag toe dit en die aarde weer dae, jare en seisoene moes veroorsaak. Was Adam werklik die eerste mens? Hy het ‘n verbod gekry wat die eerste mense nie gehad het nie. Byna elke gelowige vra waar het Kain sy vrou gekry en oor die land Nod.

Die geestelike wêreld van satan, sy engele, sy demone. Waar kom demone vandaan? Hoekom moet gelowiges weet van hulle? God het nie robotte gemaak nie maar mense met ‘n wil en keuses. Wie was die seuns van God en die reuse en waar is hulle geeste nou? Hoekom moes Israel so baie oorloë gemaak en mense gedood het deur ‘n liefdevolle God?

Dat daar ‘n wegraping of opneem in die hemel is is baie waar en is iets mooi. Die mense wat agterbly. Wat is geloof en ‘n gebed werklik? Soorte Christelike gelowe. Verskonings vir ongeloof. Vrae oor sonde. Die mens se siel en gees is nie dieselfde nie. Uitverkiesing word baie verkeerd verstaan. Is die Heilige Gees werklik net ‘n Hy of ook ‘n Sy?

Satan as aanklaer en die mens se skuld en verdediging. Waarom laat God satan toe? Oorsprong van erfsondes, daadsondes en siektes. Die doderyk en die vyf afdelings van die hel. Wat Nimrod en sy vrou gedoen het deur satan met die Babiloniese kultus en die samesmelting met die Christelike Kerk. Darwin se evolusieteorie sedert Adam met die huidige mensdom bestaan nie maar wel voor Adam.

Huidige mense verskil van die mens of wese voor die sesdaagse herskepping. Die herskepping is nie die begin van die skepping nie maar ‘n herstel van wat was.


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Skrywer: Hannes Deetlefs


[kad_youtube url="" ]


Geagte leser, dit is nou ʼn boek om te geniet, om te herinner, om tot nadenke te beweeg. Die verhaal van die mense van Suidwes en deels van Suid-Afrika van “daardie tye” is hier so noukeurig as moontlik aangeteken. Die feite en daarmee ook die seleksie van temas en gebeure baseer besonders op die baie noukeurige dagboeke, die talle briewe en foto’s van Hermann Deetlefs en Elisabeth Deetlefs-Reimer. Groot moeite is gedoen om so korrek asmoontlik die gebeurtenisse, die emosies, die vrees en verwardheid van daardie moeilike tye weer te gee. Vandag is dit maklik om die genoemde feite per Internet te ondersoek. Natuurlik is daar altyd twee of selfs meer weergawes van hierdie historiese werklikheide: Die wetenskaplik neutrale en die polities gekleurde. Daar is altyd daarna gepoog om die neutrale feite te gebruik, ook dan, wanneer die neutrale feite die een of ander party nie gepas het nie. Baie dinge stem nie meer met die moderne sieninge van vandag ooreen nie, maar, dit is juis waaroor dit gaan: Die minirokkie en nog meer die “skandalige” Bikini was destyds groot nuus, vandag nie. Dit as voorbeeld. Ook is dit ʼn feit dat nie alle bewerings geboekstaaf kan word nie. Baie berus maar op gerugte en bespiegelinge van daardie dae. Dikwels was dit ook maar net gesprekke in die teenwoordigheid van die seun en eie dagboek-aantekeninge wat vir inligting gesorg het.

Persone wat op hul voornaam en van genoem of waar die van met ʼn hoofletter aangedui word, is histories en so ver moontlik korrek weergegee. Persone wat net met voorname genoem word, is histories korrekte karakters en het wel bestaan of is die samevoeging van twee of meer “egte” persone van daardie tyd. Dit geld ook veral vir die lewensverhale van Hermann en Elisabeth Deetlefs self: Daar is net onbelangrikhede weggelaat. Hul goed gedokumenteerde lewensgeskiedenisse is al “storie genoeg” maar tog waar van die begin tot die einde.

Dit is vanselfsprekend dat ook fiktiewe brûe gebou moes word om die informasie sinvol te verbind. Maar ook in die fiktiewe dele is daar gepoog om getrou aan die werklikhede van daardie tyd te bly. Wat dinge geweldig vergemaklik het was dat die “Suidwesters” van daardie dae gewoond was om hewig te redeneer, te praat, te argumenteer. Daar het letterlik niks gebeur wat nie tot in die fynste besonderhede uitgepluis en daar kant gekies is nie. Dit was ook makliker, want die mense het geen televisie gehad nie, nee, hulle het tyd gehad.

Nog ʼn laaste woord oor die gebruik van die Afrikaanse taal: Daar is gepoog om elke individu “sy” of “haar” Afrikaans te laat praat, al was dit nog so plat of foutief. Net by die gebruik van vloekwoorde is daar gepoog om ʼn gangbare middelweg te vind. “Gekruide taal” en woorde wat vandag as polities nie aanvaarbaar geld nie, is so ver as moontlik vermy. Die geneigde leser sal self weet hoe daardie tipe persone, waarop hierdie van toepassing was, gepraat het. In elk geval was dit vir die skrywer, wat self nie vloek nie, ja, nooit gevloek het nie, ʼn ietwat moeilike taak om hierdie middelweg te vind. Dan nog die woordjies soos “sobyso” en “Usikus” wat tog so eie aan die Afrikaans van daardie dae in “Suidwes” was. “Sobyso” kom van die Duitse “sowieso” en beteken “in elk geval”. ’n Afrikaans-sprekende wat in die Republiek die woord gebruik het, het met die woord  onmiddellik  duidelik  gestel  dat  hy  ʼn “Suidwester”  is.  En “Usakos” het net oningewydes gesê. Dit is uitgespreek soos “you-see” in Engels  en “kis” in Afrikaans.

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Die psigo-emosionele impak van geboortetrauma – die begin van menslike lyding

Skrywer: Dr. M.G. Bronkhorst


Die motivering en dryfveer agter haar jarelange studies was om te verstaan waarom mense is soos hule is en doen soos hulle doen. Haar voorgraadse studies en hoëronderwysdiploma het sy deur Unisa verwerf en daarna ‘n M.A. graad en PhD. by die Universiteit van Pretoria voltooi. Na die voltooiing van haar doktorale studies het sy nog nie by die antwoorde uitgekom nie. Daarna het sy verskeie kort kursusse in verskeie rigtings voltooi maar nog nie die verlangde antwoorde gekry nie.
Hipnose was die uiteindelike antwoord. Eers ‘n kursus in professionele hipnoterapie in Brittanje. Dit het nog nie die vraag beantwoord nie. ‘n Paar jaar se praktiese opleiding en teoretiese studie in gevorderde kliniese hipnose deur en by die Wellness Instituut in Seattle, VSA, het my vraag beantwoord: Die program wat in jou kop is gee vir jou die uitsette (output). As jy dit wat jy voel, dink en doen wil verander, dan moet die program daarvolgens verander deur vas te stel waar, wanneer en hoe die program ontstaan het. Dikwels is dit voor of by geboorte.

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A plea for the elephants

Author: Kevin Parkinson


Over a period of eighty years, between 1979 and 1987, Hong Kong’s mafia-style syndicates, owners of ivory carving factories with no feeling whatsoever for the plight of Africa’s elephants, imported about 4 000 tonnes of ivory from various African countries. This sort of tonnage represented the slaughter of more than 400 000 of African’s elephants. Let us bear in mind that at the time of writing, 2015, that figures sums up to what is now considered left of Africa’s elephants – in all probability even less.

The carnage continues to this every day, with between 25 000 and 30 000 elephants being slaughtered annually by poachers, the killing of elephants outpacing the birth rate. Wealthy king pins connected to Chinese triads control these syndicates that have connections with corrupt government, game development  and custom officials.

Considering that during the 1970’s Africa’s elephant population was approximately 1 500 000, it is obvious that poachers have won the ivory “war”.

Ivory carving factories continue to operate in China and Japan, turning out necklaces, bracelets, rings, chopsticks and other carvings, to be sold in licensed shops. Bull elephants are most sought after by poachers, with the result that breeding bull are becoming fewer and fewer.

During the female’s elephant life – if she lives out her natural lifespan – she may give birth to approximately six calves. They are not prolific breeders: there is usually a gap of six to seven years between each calf.

The world’s largest land mammal, the intelligent and gentle elephant, is in serious trouble. This book tells of the plight of Africa’s elephants and some of the author’s experiences. It is a plea for the elephants.

A Plea for the elephants documentary will be available soon:

[kad_youtube url="" ]


*The profit generated from this book will be donated to elephant conservation.


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Teken en Sketswerk vir beginners – Handleiding en Grondbeginsels

Author: Daan van Noordwyk



Leer om te teken was nog nooit makliker as met Teken en Sketswerk vir beginners – Handleiding en Grondbeginsels, nie.

Skrywer en kunstenaar Daan van Noordwyk se boodskap is baie duidelik: ALMAL KÁN EN SÁL TEKEN, WANT HUL WÍL TEKEN, nadat hy hulle sistematies met sy jare lange ondervinding begelei en onderrig om die mees basiese en praktiese vaardighede en tegnieke van skets en tekenwerk te bemeester.

Die boek:

  • voorsien ’n ideale, insiggewende en leersame beginpunt vir alle nuwe kunstenaars
  • bied ’n vars, kreatiewe en inspirerende oorsig vir gevorderde kunstenaars
  • wys jou hoé jy die ontdekking en ontginning van die plesier van tekenwerk met uitgebreide, verstaanbare stap-vir-stap tegnieke en metodes kan bemeester
  • ontbloot verstaanbare hulpmiddels om dit wat jy waarneem effektief te kan neerpen om ’n realistiese tekening te skep(teken wat jy sien)
  • inspireer jou met sistematiese motivering om jou teken kreatiwiteit ’n hupstoot te gee met behulp van praktiese oefeninge
  • deel leersame hulpbronne ten opsigte van: tekengereedskap en materiaal, vorms, maniere van teken, ontdek jou eie styl, lig/donker/skaduwees, illusie van diepte/teksture, praktiese raad en geheimpies, inspirasie, die muse en doeltreffende brein vaardighede.

Begin vandag nog jou reis na ’n vervulde teken ervaring en verander jouself van daardie “stok mannetjie denkwyse” tot ’n selftevrede kunstenaar.


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Tweesprake vir Eisteddfods

Skrywer: Helene Visagie


Uiteindelik! Die skatkis aan die einde van die Eisteddfod-reënboog! Tussen hierdie 27 humoristiese tweesprake kan jy kus en keur om enige beoordelaar te beïndruk.

Wat elke tweespraak baie spesiaal maak, is dat dit ten volle geblokkeer (“plot”) is en ook oor ’n paar wenke beskik oor waarna om op te let of slaggate wat vermy moet word. Die speelarea is skematies voorgestel en die bewegings met letters aangedui. Elke mamma, juffrou of toneelliefhebber kan nou ’n professionele werk lewer.

Die bonus is beslis die 4 gedramatiseerde prosas wat ingesluit is. Alhoewel daar baie uitstekende prosas beskikbaar is, is die blokkering daarvan meestal problematies en hier het jy die hele pakket!

Humor is die lewensgeur waarmee ons die frank van seer uittrek, die bitter van teleurstelling verbloem en die suur van alleenheid versoet. Met hierdie humoristiese werke is leerders nie meer slegs tot die Eisteddfod-sale gedoem nie, maar kan hul die vreugde ervaar om mense te vermaak en te laat lag by ouetehuise, damestees en selfs boereverenigings.


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Questioning: The Undefended Accused – Practical Examples for Magistrates

Author: Adv. DJ Steyn


“The Undefended Accused” by Adv. K. Steyn will be used by;

  • newly appointed magistrates;
  • aspiring magistrates and law students,

and is a must for every Law Firm in South Africa.

Every person that’s is involved in court proceedings in South Africa would benefit from this release (Full title: Questioning: The Undefended Accused – Practical Examples for Magistrates).


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Skrywer: Madelaine Palmer


Vaatjie en Plaatjie by op ’n plaas net langs Karel. Steentjie Drakie loer al dae lank vir Karel af. Steentjie Drakie wil so graag ’n maatjie hê. Hy word vreeslik kwaad as hy sien hoe Karel geboelie word.

Op ’n dag besluit Steentjie Drakie tot hiertoe en nie verder nie. Kom lees verder saam met Steentjie Drakie om te sien hoe hy teen die boelies opgestaan het.


Die in die donker woud het twee hekse gewoon. Rooltjie was die vriendelike heks en Biablo was die stout heks. Biablo het daarvan gehou om goggas en paddas in haar sop te gooi.

Eendag besluit Biablo om ’n sop te maak en ’n haas in te gooi. Al probleem was dat Biablo nêrens ’n haas kon kry nie.

Baiblo ontmoet die Oranje Heks wat in die woud bly. Oranje Heks het ’n geheime agenda en beloof om vir Biablo ’n haas te gee as sy Biablo se groot swart pot mag leen.

Dink julle die Oranje Heks het vir Biablo haar haas gegee?


In the dark forest lived two witches. Ruth was the friendly witch and Biablo was the naughty witch. Biablo liked to mix bugs and frogs in her soup.

One day Biablo decided to make a soup with a rabbit. The only problem was that Biablo could not find a rabbit anywhere.

Baiblo met the Orange Witch who lived in the woods. The Orange Witch had a secret agenda and promised to give Biablo a rabbit if Biablo let her borrow her big black pot.

Do you think the Orange Witch gave Biablo her rabbit?


Vlerkie Vlermuis het saam met sy pa, ma en suster in die groot Jakarandaboom in die bos gebly. Maar Vlerkie het ’n groot geheim gehad…




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Die Verknoeide Erfenis van Moeder Afrika

Skrywer: Yobo Lensink


Waarom is Afrika wat dit nou is? Kan die verknoeide erfenis van Moeder Afrika nog herstel word? Sal daar werklik ’n einde aan armoede kom? Ubuntu doen baie, maar wat is dit? Waar is uNkulunkulu? Waarom het ontwikkelingshulp te dikwels misluk? Yobo Lensink probeer geheime in die geskiedenis van Afrika bloot te lê en kom by elke land of stam, wat hy leer ken het, by een van die oorsake van verknoeing uit.

Slawerny het vandat die Atlantic Slave Trade in die vyftiende eeu begin het, die mense van Afrika verkneg. Yobo moet natuurlik vertel oor sy ervarings by die VhaVenda in Limpopo en die aNyanja in Zambië, sy besoeke aan die Boesmans, die Griekwas, en die mense van Ethiopië, Kenia, Tanzanië, Mosambiek, Malawi en die Kongo. Dit gaan ook oor die geskiedenis van trekarbeid. Hoe het die inheemse kerke by die slawe in die Amerikas ontstaan en na Afrika oorgewaai?
Hy moes as predikant van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Afrika in 1976 saam met díe kerk se moderatuur aan die destydse Eerste Minister John Vorster ‘n memorandum voorlê. Vorster het getuig dat apartheid verkeerd is en dat hy alles in sy vermoë sou doen om dit te verander. Waarom was Yobo Lensink in die jare sewentig, toe hy in mynkampongs en stedelike hostelle gewerk het, deur kerke misken?
Die ongeluk, wat hy oorleef het, was beslis nie ’n toevallige insident nie. Vandag moet mense moed hou! Die vrolikste mense op ons planeet leef in Afrika! Wie ubuntu verstaan en beleef, bly optimisties, humoristies en tevrede. Dit is die positiewe kant van die erfenis. Sou die siel van Afrika ooit al die onheil, wat haar deur die eeue getref het, kon oorleef wanneer hierdie morele kwaliteite nie daar sou wees nie? Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika! – Here, red Afrika!


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Abominations in Secunda

Author: Sonny Lucas Sekwakwa


Here is Mokone. Behold him! He is a man long over fifty years of age, who comes into a healthy pot of money. One would think that is a good thing – but for Mokone – that is when his troubles begin.

The Bible names many abominations. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 says: “Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

Mokone will battle many abominations during this time – but the charms of a wicked woman will be the deciding factor in determining his fate.


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