CATS FOR REAL by Charmaine Ann Gaynor

Four beautiful cats tell their story, as only they can.

Crystal is a kitten bought from a pet shop by a young girl as a gift for her mother.               She is a feisty little cat that experiences her new world with these two special people. Her loves and heartaches are profound.

Baloo is also bought from a pet shop, but this time it is the mother who buys the cat. She is a very tiny kitten and is insecure. She struggles to befriend Crystal. Most people never see her, as Baloo is always hiding away.

Rescue also comes from a pet shop, and is three months old. It doesn’t take him long yo befriend Bella the dog. He is very vocal and likes to meow a lot. He has a wonderful nature and loves everyone.

The fourth cat is Starshine, a naughty feral kitten that finds a home. She is extremely mischievous and looks for trouble with everyone except the guys in the family.

All cats have personalities, just like people. This charming book is a real story that will appeal to cat lovers of all ages.

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Skrywer: Louis du Preez

Louis du Preez was onderwyser, departementshoof en lektor.  Na 43 jaar tree hy uit diens as Senior Onderwyskundige by die Wes-Kaapse Onderwysdepartement.  Hy is steeds betrokke as beoordelaar by kunswedstryde en bied musiek- en dramawerkswinkels aan.

Deuntjies vir klein Duimpies is sy vierde soorgelyke publikasie.  Vorige publikasies fokus op die gebruik van aksieliedjies en sangspeletjies vir die ontwikkeling van motoriese vaardigheid en die gebruik van musiekaktiwiteite ter ondersteuning van leesontwikkeling.

Hierdie publikasie poog nie alleen om vir die skoolbeginner musiekervaring en – onderrig te skep nie, maar hang ook nou saam met ander aspekte van die kind se holistiese ontwikkeling.  Die musiek en toepaslike aktiwiteite is gebaseer op di NASIONALE KURRIKULUM EN ASSESSERINGSBELEIDSVERKLARING.  Die musiekaktiwiteite word geïntegreer met vakke soos Wiskunde, taal en Lewensvaardighede (Skeppende Kunste).

CD met musiek ingesluit


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Smart Stories

Authors: Alan Johnstone & Ierma Burger

(Size: A4)

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In this book different problem behaviours are used to depict techniques and skills that children can use to help themselves change their behaviour and feelings. The stories in this book have been developed to help a child help him or herself.
Along with the stories are technical notes that assist parents and educators with a deeper understanding of the technical aspects behind this type of story telling. This has been done so that the parents may tell stories of their own making to help their children with their own unique set of problems.


(also available in Afrikaans)


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Baby’s Day Care Diary

Author: Jana Visser


This day care diary makes it easy for your day care to give you feedback on your baby/child’s day away from you…  Essential issues cannot be discussed on a daily basis, but a few ticks and comments will tell you what you need to know when you collect Baby from the day care.


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